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From Jean-Baptiste Onofré>
Subject Re: [Kalumet] Preparing source code
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2009 20:29:51 GMT
Hi Andrus,

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Don't be afraid, I'm not discouraged at all :)
I completly understand the proposal time (and I think it's a good way,
letting people to take time to read cooly the proposal).

I'm going to looking for a new mentor (currently, we have only Jim for now).

I'm agree concerning the package name, I can revert very quickly and I have 
two AutoDeploy branches dedicated for next releases.

I haven't sent my previous e-mail to push the pressure (there is no emergency
for the AutoDeploy project :)). The purpose was only to inform you that I'm
alive and that the AutoDeploy project is an active one :)

Thanks again 

On Tuesday 03 February 2009 - 22:21, Andrus Adamchik wrote:
> Hi JB,
> Procedural things can get really slow here at times due to the volunteer 
> nature of the ASF. Don't get discouraged by that...
> For now you'll need to ping people to look at the proposal, and find two 
> more mentors. I'd love to be one of them, but I am afraid I will be AWOL 
> most of the time. I am barely catching up with another project I am 
> mentoring now. I can sign up as a "backup mentor" I guess, but you'll 
> need at least one more person who is ready to be more active for the 
> incubation period.
> After you get the mentors on board, you'll start a vote on the proposal 
> on this list, and after the vote Kalumet will be formally accepted in the 
> Incubator. There was sufficient interest in the idea, so I am hopeful you 
> will find the missing mentors. Just give it some time and keep nudging 
> the community.
> Migrating the package names is a bit premature. If you are planning to  
> make releases in the nearest future, you may want to keep the old  
> package names, as releasing the code as org.apache.* when you are not in 
> Apache yet is a bad idea.
> Andrus
> On Feb 3, 2009, at 8:16 PM, wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have begin to prepare the AutoDeploy subversion repository source  
>> code renaming the packaging and project's poms.
>> I have commited this on the trunk :
>> I have delete current AutoDeploy sources, nevertheless you can access 
>> the current production release on the 0.5 branch :
>> Regards
>> JB
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Jean-Baptiste Onofré (Nanthrax)
BuildProcess/AutoDeploy Project Leader
PGP : 17D4F086

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