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From Janne Jalkanen <>
Subject Some advice needed on JSPWiki package names
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2009 07:54:22 GMT
Hi ho folks!

We were preparing for a massive rename from our old jspwiki name  
space to the "org.apache.jspwiki.*" -package to prepare for our first  
Apache release when we hit a major snag.

Turns out that Jasper JSP compiler has a bug in it, and it thinks all  
classes with their FQN starting with "org.apache.jsp" are it's own,  
instead of "org.apache.jsp." (note the trailing period).  We are  
tracking this issue at

Now, Jasper has this fixed in the trunk, but since it's used rather  
widely in other servlet containers, it means that very few servlet  
containers will be able to run JSPWiki for quite a while.

We've got some fairly hackish ways around this (which cause pain), so  
the question to Incubator folks is - can we use a different package  
name than "org.apache.jspwiki" for our project, or does it require a  
full rename of the project itself?  For example,  
"org.apache.x.jspwiki" where "x" can range from being a literal "x"  
to something else?

We'd hate to lose the JSPWiki brand (due to four missing characters  
in an another project!) because we've existed for over seven years  
and have an established name.  In addition, figuring out a new name  
for a project is always a real pain...

Any ideas/advice from more experienced people?  Any other options  
than those listed at JSPWIKI-465?


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