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From Bill Stoddard <>
Subject Re: answers to IPMC comments of Bluesky December pmc report
Date Tue, 13 Jan 2009 14:44:44 GMT
Samul Kevin wrote:
> IPMC comments:
>    -
>    jukka: Why the new server and web site? I don't seem to be able to access
>    it (I'm in Switzerland).
>    ->Because we can't put source code on our offical website
>,  and we want people to download the
>    clean version code to help us
>    check whether still there are code violate ASL. That's why we set up
>    website at our school. And this address is an
>    international address and should be
>    visited from out net. Actually, the most important function of this site
>    is to provide three version source code, anyone who can't access and want
>    the code could write e-mail to
>    me and i will send the source code to him.

The http://202.* website is a staging website where we can perform 
review of bluesky material prior to it being brought into the ASF.  The 
bluesky project originally contained a lot of LGPL/GPL code from various 
projects.  The team has been making (slow and painful) progress 
reimplementing and refactoring code to resolve the license issues.  
Congratulations to the team for their work so far...

>    -
>    clr: What does it mean "as soon as the code is granted by Apache
>    community"?
>    ->i mean as soon as "legalization of our code is ensured by Apache
>    community." I'm sorry for the inconvenience that my pooor English had
>    caused.
I've done an initial review of the Bluesky code to make sure it is 
'clean' of legal issues.  No problems found so far, but I'm not quite 
ready to declare it  clean. A bit more due diligence is needed.  When I 
am satisfied that the code is clean, I'll direct the Bluesky team to 
complete the code grant and we'll check the code into the ASF Bluesky 

We've almost cleared a MAJOR hurdle for bringing the Bluesky project to 
the ASF.  Excising the GPL/LGPL code from Bluesky has been a major, 
multi month effort and I sense that the effort is nearing completion.  
My expectation going forward ... after CNY (Chinese New Year),  thsi 
project will begin to look more like a normal ASF project in incubation.

Bill (Bluesky Mentor)

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