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From Siegfried Goeschl <>
Subject Re: Some advice needed on JSPWiki package names
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2009 13:09:52 GMT
Hi Janne,

one of my favorite quotes - "The problem with quick and dirty is that
dirty remains long after quick has been forgotten"

+) when do you expect a JSPWiki 3.0 release to hit the public - I think
it will be a while ...
+) even when JSPWiki 3.0 is available only a few people will use it in
production - and they will experience a lot of more problem than this
Jasper bug looking at the current refactoring
+) Jetty on JDK 1.5 onwards is probably not affected since it does not
use Jasper out-of-the-box
+) following my line of work with "Wiki On A Stick" - provide a ready to
use distribution in addition to a plain war file so a lot of people
won't be aware of the problem

So I think

+) it's a funny and annoying problem
+) stay clear of any dirty hack
+) comment this issue and the workarounds


Siegfried Goeschl

PS: I'm not an incubator PMC

Janne Jalkanen wrote:
> Hi ho folks!
> We were preparing for a massive rename from our old jspwiki name space
> to the "org.apache.jspwiki.*" -package to prepare for our first Apache
> release when we hit a major snag.
> Turns out that Jasper JSP compiler has a bug in it, and it thinks all
> classes with their FQN starting with "org.apache.jsp" are it's own,
> instead of "org.apache.jsp." (note the trailing period).  We are
> tracking this issue at
> Now, Jasper has this fixed in the trunk, but since it's used rather
> widely in other servlet containers, it means that very few servlet
> containers will be able to run JSPWiki for quite a while.
> We've got some fairly hackish ways around this (which cause pain), so
> the question to Incubator folks is - can we use a different package
> name than "org.apache.jspwiki" for our project, or does it require a
> full rename of the project itself?  For example,
> "org.apache.x.jspwiki" where "x" can range from being a literal "x" to
> something else?
> We'd hate to lose the JSPWiki brand (due to four missing characters in
> an another project!) because we've existed for over seven years and
> have an established name.  In addition, figuring out a new name for a
> project is always a real pain...
> Any ideas/advice from more experienced people?  Any other options than
> those listed at JSPWIKI-465?
> /Janne
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