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From "Christian Grobmeier" <>
Subject Re: PIWI / PHP Projects in Apache
Date Tue, 23 Dec 2008 11:46:17 GMT

> 1. Forget TLP. We don't want technology umbrellas, and
> working actively to get rid of those we have. So, your aim would be a
> TLP instead, which is fine ambition.

that would be great too :-) Or maybe JRuby,
Groovy or other scripting based projects could be hosted.

> 2. A PHP project at Apache is not a problem per se, IMHO. But, your
> main challenge will be (just like log4php) to attract enough momentum
> to get the community going. I doubt that there are many existing
> Apache committers that are in deep with PHP, so you won't have this
> 'automatic attention of 1000 developers' like a Java project would.

I asked at the log4php list about their activity and experiences, but
didn't get any response right now. I agree that there is less PHP
activity in the Apache Community. But I think this should change and
ASF could benefit of more PHP code. This is one reason why we want to
incubate with PIWI.

The other is: we (the two PIWI-Developers) are both Java-Programmers
and benefit in our day jobs from Apache Software. I also have
contributed some lines of java code to Commons. We simply love the

> Maybe that sounds discouraging, but it is my personal take on the
> subject. Many good sites are LAMP driven, and personally I would like
> to see more PHP stuff coming to Apache, but *I* can't write a single
> line of code, so no help from here...

Its not discouraging, it sounds realistic. Even when it's hard work to
incubate, we are willing to do so. I am quite sure, if the first step
has been done, other cool projects may follow. Since Java6 has such
cool scripting features, I am quite sure that PHP will play a bigger
part in the Java-Community (besides JRuby and Groovy and others) in
the future.

Having said that, we are two developers currently and have enough
manpower for the further development of this project. We could need
some help with Apaches Incubation process, writing proposals and so
on. As far as I understood, this role is called a Mentor.

> P.S. If you are not subscribed to the mailing list, hurry up and do
> so, because most won't answer with you in CC.

Accordingly to the how-to-incubate document, I allready did that :-)

Thanks for your answer!
Best regards,

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