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From "Christian Grobmeier" <>
Subject PIWI / PHP Projects in Apache
Date Mon, 22 Dec 2008 17:14:09 GMT
Hi all,

we have developed a web framework in PHP, called PIWI:


Codebase supports very much features right now and only lacks user
documentation and has some open discussions left. Find a feature list

It heavily borrows ideas and concepts from  Apache Cocoon and Apache
Forrest although it is implemented in PHP. Cause of this I think that
Apache would be a good host for this project.

I allready surfed a while through the incubator and found one PHP
project (log4php) which doesn't look very active. Does it make sense
to propose a new PHP project for apache? I really think that apache
would benefit of PHP projects. In my dreams there is a
TLP someday, hopefully hosting it's subprojects PIWI and maybe

However, please give me your feedback. If somebody is interested in
mentoring us with this project, let me know. If you think it makes no
sense to bring another PHP project to apache, let me know too. Your
feedback is highly appreciated.

Best regards,

- Crawler for static content generation
- Forms & Form Validation
- Serializer: HTML, PDF (with non-ASL software), Excel (very basic),
XML, Word (very basic too)
- Internal PIWI-Format is a subset of XHTML
- Generators  (Generate XML from within other
- Connectors (Connect a Generator to Databases)
- Authentification
- Custom XML tags with custom XSLT stylesheets
- Easy upgrading from previous versions
- Caching of content to reduce processor time
- Easy template creation for cool layouts :-)
- Localization (just with telling in the site.xml which pages are
written in which language)
- Menu-Generation
- DataGridGenerator (generate html tables out of SQL-Statements)
and so on.

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