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From "Torsten Curdt" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Accept Cassandra into the Incubator
Date Fri, 26 Dec 2008 20:31:07 GMT
>> > [ ] +1 Accept Cassandra as a new podling
>> > [ ] -1 Do not accept the new podling (provide reason, please)
>> -1 (binding).
>> I will even give reasons because it is Christmas;
>>  a. See Martijn's concern.
>>  b. Running vote over Christmas when *many* people are busy with other
>> things.
>>  c. I would like to see a proposal with more "meat" in it. Some
>> history, more elaboration on the various topics that the template
>> provides...
> Just a different perspective:
>  a) I agree with the concern but as Martijn expressed, I'm not sure it
> should be a real concern for the vote. If the project dies, so be it. But
> clearly a few individuals seem to care so why not giving them a chance?
>  b) +1 on this one, it could just be balanced by setting a longer than usual
> voting time frame.
>  c) I agree although some feedback has been provided on the ML, it could be
> nice to bring back some of that in the proposal.

Some thoughts from this end:

I also have the feeling that the proposal could benefit from some more
"meat". The timing around Christmas indeed was not very helpful
either. But what really concerns me a bit is the question whether
people really want to/can work together. It seems like the fork /
non-fork debate already left some scars and I am not eager to invest
time when people can't get along even to begin with. Maybe my "Avalon"
alarm is set a little too sensitive but for now I only vote +0.

Ian, since you are the one driving this... would you mind working with
the project team on improving the proposal? ...and then consider a

cheers ...and Merry Christmas

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