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From Greg Brown <>
Subject Re: Champion needed for Incubator proposal
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2008 15:07:40 GMT
>I examined your project for getting more information, its great, screens
>look beautiful. 

Thanks...  :-)

>- Why you created own set of widgets using Java2D instead of using core Java
>Swing component set?

Swing has a number of limitations that make it a less than ideal option for building rich
internet applications. Pivot is, in part, an attempt to overcome these shortcomings and create
a modern Java RIA platform that can truly compete with newer RIA platforms such as Flex and

Some advantages Pivot offers over Swing are:

- Provides an XML markup language called WTKX for simplifying user interface construction.

- Components are not limited to an "atomic" preferred size; they are allowed to report a preferred
size as constrained by either width or height - this facilitates such features as label wrapping,
which Swing does not support.

- Defines a consistent data model that is used throughout the entire framework; for example,
JSON data returned from a REST service is serialized into the same data structures used by
a table view component to present data. No additional translation is necessary, which can
significantly improve performance. A common data model also reduces the learning curve for
new developers.

- Includes built-in support for REST-based data services, which Pivot calls "web queries".

- Includes built-in data binding support, which allows data returned from web queries (as
well as other types of data services) to easily be mapped to form contents.

- Includes platform-level support for visual effects and transitions (i.e. animations).

- Defines a single Application inteface that is used for deploying both desktop and web-based
applications - multiple codebases are not required.

- Takes advantage of newer Java language features such as generics, enums, for..each, and

>- What is the difference between JavaFX  usage on the client side and Pivot?
>Why the people uses Pivot? It is usage easier than JavaFX, or runtime

JavaFX applications are created using JavaFX script. We wanted to create a platform that allows
developer to build applications using XML and Java, similar to how Flex uses XML and ActionScript,
and Silverlight uses XML and C# or JavaScript.

>- Do you have any plan for creating Html/JavaScript/CSS rendering? Because
>there were lots of problems that the people avoided the use of applets in
>the browser.

The short answer is no. We think that HTML is a great tool for authoring documents, but not
the best tool for building rich user interfaces. In other words, HTML is great for building
*web sites*, but not necessarily the best for building *web applications*. 

A large part of Pivot's philosophy is "use the right tool for the job". If your application
is very content-heavy, HTML is probably the way to go. However, if your application requirements
demand a more desktop-like user experience, but you want to reap the benefits of delivering
the application via the web, an RIA platform such as Pivot is an ideal choice.

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