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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>
Subject Re: Asking for Feedback: CouchDB Graduation
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2008 20:13:32 GMT

On 4 Nov 2008, at 14:15, Jan Lehnardt wrote:

>> I haven't been following CouchDB but a PMC of five seems small - you
>> only have to loose a couple of people and you're on the verge of not
>> being a viable project. I took a look through the lists and from what
>> I can see CouchDB entered incubation with four committers in February
>> (the proposal listed six, but apparently was a mistake[1]) and has
>> added one new person just over a month ago[2].
> We (informally, again :) decided to hold back a release and adding  
> more
> committers in favour of doing the graduation first (just to not have  
> three
> things running at the same time. While our software is highly  
> concurrent,

While I am not going to strongly argue to the contrary - I do want to
offer my observation thatL

-	CouchDB is a small code base - and potentially quite a simple thing.

-	A few dedicated people is all it takes (and those are there) and
	a few other involved people for the balance (which we also see)
	are needed to keep this stable for long periods of time.

-	From personal experience - the code is working well, reliable
	and so on.

-	From personal observation - the community is healthy and responds
	well to its environment and even if there are hidden side
	channels - communication seems open and inclusive.

Given that - I'd say that incubation with a handful people or so at this
stage is, while early and somewhat risky - certainly an option.

Now you only take risk when there is a reward. Given that I expect this
community to simply mature regard less of a hold or a go - there is  
reward. But lets make sure that we come back to this by the end of this
year, or early next year - and re-evaluate. As otherwise we risk  
too much to the 'rules' - rather than define them by the exceptions :)

However - if anyone sees any risk at loosing community spirit, causing
friction, frustration, etc - in the couchdb space - do pipe up -- as  
should IMHO change this immediate.



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