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From "Dennis Howlett" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] ESME - The Enterprise Social Messaging Experiment
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2008 02:04:13 GMT
@sanjiva - I'll field this as the 'positioning' guy.

You 'can' regard ESME as a 'Twitter for Enterprise' but we prefer not
to do so because we then get tangled in all sorts of arguments and
comparisons that deflect from how we see the service.

The premise upon which we started this project was that Twitter style
services are generic and have no intrinsic purpose other than to
provide a flow of data. We wanted to provide context and purpose
because that is what enterprise understands.

In our early demo iterations, we therefore positioned this as a tool
that helps both the discovery of the *right* people within distributed
networks who can help solve problems, lend advice or point in the
direction of others in a 'behind the firewall' setting.

We created use cases to support that idea using SAP specific business
processes and then showing different ways of using the tool with
different clients such as web and WebDynpro (SAP specific).

I invite you to visit the blog: (it MAY be
slightly flaky as we've just moved servers and it hasn't been fully
tested) where team members have posted a variety of information on use
cases, client side code examples etc.

Hope that helps.


D -:)

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