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From "Rajith Attapattu" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Poloka
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2008 19:15:21 GMT
I am quite happy to be a mentor and help out with the project on a voluntary
I have gone through the mill with Apache Qpid and to a certain extent with
Synapse/Axis2/Tuscany, so familiar with the process.

However I have to note that I have an affiliation with the University of
Toronto's Middleware Systems
Research Group as a student and have done work with the code base etc as
part of a research course.
If the above affiliation is not an issue then I am quite happy to put down
my name as a mentor.



On Mon, Aug 18, 2008 at 1:10 PM, Mankovskii, Serge

> This is a proposal to enter Poloka in to the incubator.
> See
> We do not have a champion at the moment.
> We are looking forward to the community input.
> Cheers
> Serge Mankovski
> --------------
> = POLOKA Project Proposal =
> == Abstract ==
> Poloka will be a standalone reference implementation of the
> WS-BaseNotification, WS-Topics and the WS-BrokeredNotification
> standards. It is aiming to go beyond the WS-BrokeredNotification
> specification and deliver a reliable and scalable network of
> WS-BrokeredNotification brokers. All existing implementations of
> WS-BrokeredNotification focus on implementation of a message broker.
> Poloka will implement additional features that would allow for a
> federation of brokers. It will extend WS-BrokeredNotification
> specification with the notion of a federated broker network and allow
> for a reliable, a scalable and a highly available implementation of the
> WS-BrokeredNotification standard.
> == Proposal ==
> Poloka will provide a reference implementation of WS-BaseNotification,
> WS-Topics and WS-BrokeredNotification standards. The project will
> provide a clear separation of functionality required by the existing
> standards from additional functionality provided as an enhancement and
> elaboration on the standards
> Poloka will:
>  1.     not be tightly coupled with WS-RF and WSDM standards
>  1.     implement the WS-BrokeredNotification specification absent in
> the Apache Muse project
>  1.     will implement a network of brokers that will provide
> scalability, reliability and fault tolerance
>  1.     feed implementation and design experiences into the OASIS
> standards process and might lead to new revisions of the WS-Notification
> stack of standards
> == Background ==
> Poloka is a second generation of the research project going on for the
> last five years at the University of Toronto's Middleware Systems
> Research Group under the
> [ PADRES] project.
> During these years the group developed a stable code base that will form
> a base for the first release of Poloka.
> The PADRES project has developed a number of new technologies that allow
> for a scalable and reliable federation of publish/subscribe brokers. The
> PADRES federation mechanisms allow for redundant message routing, load
> balancing, complex event processing and other useful features that
> become available to the federated network of the WS-BrokeredNotification
> brokers.
> The project was started before WS-BrokeredNotification standard was
> created. The initial release of Poloka will contain existing PADRES code
> that does not use any WS-* compliant interfaces. However that will
> change with the future releases. PADRES brokers will be enriched with
> the WS--Notification interfaces on the notification producer and
> notification consumer side. The Broker-to-Broker communication side of
> communication is not covered by any existing standards to date and it
> would remain non-WS based.
> The team engaged in the development of Poloka involves two former
> participants of the OASIS committee that produced WS-BaseNotification,
> WS-Topics and WS-BrokeredNotification standards. Their engagement would
> serve dual purposes: to serve as source if first-hand authoritative
> knowledge of the standards and as a conduit for the standards use
> experience that might result in future evolution of the
> WS-BaseNotification, WS-Topics and WS-BrokeredNotification standards.
> A note about the project name; we are inspired by the impact WikiWiki
> made on the world of web applications. We followed the naming exampled
> set by author of the Wiki and simply translated word "Broker" using a
> Hawaiian dictionary. Poloka simply means "Broker"
> == Rationale ==
> Current adoption of the WS-Notification set of standard is impeded by
> absence of a standalone reference implementation. For example
> WS-Notification implementation in Apache Muse is incomplete and tightly
> coupled with programming model of WS-RF specification. It is also
> packaged within WSDM implementation.  Poloka aims to provide a "clean"
> implementation not tied to other standards as a part of WS-Commons.
> The PADRES group have over the years received a number of requests to
> release existing code into open source. We are looking forward to Apache
> foundation and its organizing principles as a vehicle for creation of a
> successful community that would connecting all people already interested
> in the release of the code into open source.
> The project will follow new standards and specifications that are coming
> up in the space of web-services based messaging.
> == Initial Goals ==
>  1.     Initial release of the PADRES codebase to Apache Poloka
>  1.     Implementation of the WS-Base Notification, WS-Topics and
> WS-Brokered Notification interfaces
>  1.     Creation of a reference implementation of the standards with
> non-federated brokers
>  1.     Implement Poloka federation based on the functions of the PADRES
> brokers
> == Current Status ==
> The PADRES project has developed a stable code base and a number of
> systems are built using this code base. These systems are deployed on
> PlanetLab and within the PADRES lab infrastructure (cluster with 25+
> machines). Future deployments on the Amazon Computing Cloud are under
> investigation. This code will become a base for the initial release of
> Poloka. The team conducted a survey of licensed code used within the
> existing code base.  The code base can be brought up in compliance with
> Apache licensing policy without much effort.  One of the members of our
> team is already working on the implementation of the
> WS-BaseNotification, WS-Topics and WS-BrokeredNotification interfaces.
> Remaining team members are preparing for the code release.
> There is one patent application submitted to the US patent office that
> covers use of the federated publish/subscribe infrastructure for
> Enterprise Job Scheduling. The team is currently working with the
> respective IP owners on the patent to ensure compliance with the Apache
> licensing policy.
> == Meritocracy ==
> The project was originally started in 2002 by Prof. Hans-Arno Jacobsen
> and Serge Mankovski under sponsorship of CA Inc (formerly Computer
> Associates), Ontario Centers of Excellence (formerly known as CITO) and
> the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada.  Since
> then the project is growing and it became known and respected in the
> area of distributed event processing and messaging middleware.
> == Community ==
> Over the years a number of companies expressed interest in this work. At
> the moment project research activities are conducted in collaboration
> with CA Inc (formerly Computer Associates), IBM, Sun, and Bell Canada,
> and the Chinese Academy of Science. The project is managed and organized
> within the Middleware Systems Research Group at the University of
> Toronto.
> The community is built around the papers and publications produced by
> the research community and also by conferences and workshops where the
> project is presented.
> == Mentors ==
>  * Dr. Hans-Arno Jacobsen is the head of the Middleware Systems Research
> Group and he is leading all current research activities.
>  * Serge Mankovski is mentoring the project on issues of Network and
> Systems Management, Security, Governance and Complex Event Processing.
>  * Mark Weitzel provides  guidance to make sure that the output is
> appropriate for the industrial participants.
>  * Peter Niblett is one of the editors of the WS-BaseNotification,
> WS-Topics and WS-BrokeredNotification standards committee and mentoring
> the team on these technologies.
>  * Dr. Kirk Wilson is a member of the WS-BaseNotification,  WS-Topics
> and WS-BrokeredNotification standards committee and mentoring the team
> on these technologies.
> == Core Developers ==
>  * Dr. Balasubramaneyam Maniymaran is developing mechanisms for Complex
> Event Processing using the PADRES system
>  * Vinod Muthusamy is developing publish/subscribe matching algorithms
> and routing protocls,
>  * Alex Cheung is developing load balancing and scalability features of
> the broker federation.
>  * Guoli Li is developing composite subscription matching, message
> routing and historic data access
>  * Reza Sherafat is developing reliability, scalability, fault tolerance
> and self-healing features of the broker federation
>  * Naweed Tajuddin is developing WS-BaseNotification, WS-Topics and
> WS-BrokeredNotification interfaces.
>  * Dr. Songlin Hu is developing business process automation solutions
> using the PADRES system
> == Alignments ==
> Apache goals, mode of operation and development focus of the WS-Commons
> project provide an attractive framework for the inevitable release of
> the existing code base to Open Source communities. We are planning to
> use Apache Axis2 code as the base for our WS-enabled broker. The
> existing team of core developers and project supporters include
> representatives of several companies and Apache license is conducive to
> their future engagement in the project. There is an existing contact and
> working relationships with the Apache Muse project as well.
> == Known Risks ==
> === Orphaned Projects ===
> Initial contributors are from major software companies and from the
> university research community. The development of the related code base
> has been steadily growing over the last five years and there is no risk.
> There are a number of requests from various individuals for the Open
> Source code developed by the project. We expect that these individuals
> will join this project once it becomes publicly available. Current
> interest in the project gives us confidence that the community will be
> able to broaden the committer base in the future.
> Inexperience with Open Source
> The core development team has varied degrees of experience with open
> source. Some of the developers released open source code in the past. We
> are hoping that Apache PMC and Mentors will help us to get us started
> and "hold our hand" until we gained sufficient experience.
> The Middleware Systems Research Group has released other open source
> projects, such as the AspectC project (about 3500 downloads to date over
> a period of 2 years and 8 releases.) is released under GPL
> (it is based on GPLed components.)
> === Homogeneous Developers ===
> Most of the current core developers do not work for a commercial entity.
> They are working on the project because it is a subject of their
> research and will result in PhD and Master Degrees at some point in the
> future. Other core developers are working for CA and IBM and the Chinese
> Academy of Sciences.
> The team is collecting a list of persons and institutions that expressed
> interest in open source implantation of PADRES over the years. We expect
> that this list would give us a good start in building the community
> during the incubation period.
> === Documentation ===
> Available in form of publications here
> === Initial Source ===
> Initial source is currently in the closed source state.
> === Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan ===
> The project is currently conducted under terms of a collaboration
> agreement between the University of Toronto, CA Canada Company, Sun
> Microsystems, and the Ontario Centers of Excellence, and includes a
> clause to permit the release of the project IP into open source under
> the Eclipse license.  However, under current considerations, we think
> that the Apache community is more closely aligned with the needs and
> goals of the project. Since the Apache license offers very similar IP
> terms, it would be acceptable to release the IP under the Apache
> license.  The team will produce a Certificate of Originality in respect
> to all the code released to Apache.
> === External Dependencies ===
> Currently PADRES code relies on Jess expert system shell distributed
> under a commercial license by Sandia National Labs. The team will remove
> this dependency before the initial release into incubation  by
> implementing our own version of RETE matching engine.
> Other code dependencies are:
>  * openjms.jar  Exolab License
>  * exolabcore 0.3.5.jar: Exolab license
>  * j2ee.jar: Apache license v2.0
>  * commons-collections.jar: Apache license v2.0 It uses jung-1.7.6.ja
>  * concurrent.jar: SUN license It uses jung-1.7.6.jar.
>  * junit.jar: Common Public License v1.0
>  * log4j-1.2.13.jar: Apache license v2.0
>  * mysql-connector.jar: GNU General Public license
>  * pg73jdbc3.jar: BSD license
> Dependency on Exolab, GNU, BSD and Sun licensed code is localized and
> non-essential.
> === Cryptography ===
> Some of the aspects of secure message transport include message
> encryption
> === Required Resources ===
>  * Mailing Lists - there are two mailing lists
>  * Subversion Directory - it exists, but it is not available outside of
> the Middleware  Systems Research Group
>  * Issue Tracking - it exists, but it is not available outside of the
> Middleware Research Systems Group
>  * Other Resources
> == Initial Committers ==
>  * Arno Jacobsen
>  * Serge Mankovski
>  * NaweedTajuddin
>  * Balasubramaneyam Maniymaran
>  * Vinod Muthusamy
>  * Alex Cheung
>  * Guoli Li
>  * Reza Sherafat
> == Affiliations ==
>  * Hans-Arno Jacobsen - University of Toronto
>  * Serge Mankovski - CA Labs
>  * Kirk Wilson - CA Labs
>  * Peter Niblett - IBM
>  * Mark Weitzel - IBM
>  * Naweed Tajuddin - University of Toronto
>  * Balasubramaneyam Maniymaran - University of Toronto
>  * Vinod Muthusamy - University of Toronto
>  * Alex Cheung - University of Toronto
>  * Guoli Li - University of Toronto
>  * Reza Sherafat - University of Toronto
>  * Shuang Hou - Academy of Science of China
> == Sponsors ==
>  * Champion TBD
>  * Nominated Mentors TBD
>  * Sponsoring Entity TBD, but we think we should be somewhere in
> WS-Commons
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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Rajith Attapattu
Red Hat

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