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From Roland Weber <>
Subject [VOTE] Accept project PicaGalley into the Incubator
Date Sun, 03 Aug 2008 18:02:20 GMT
Hi all,

please vote on accepting project PicaGalley
(originally proposed under the name of Caitrin)
for incubation, with the Incubator PMC as the Sponsor.

This vote runs until Sun 2008-08-10 24:00 GMT,
unless major discussions ensue. Votes of IPMC
members are binding, a minimum of three +1 is
required. I don't know whether a majority is
sufficient or whether consensus is required,
so I hope for the latter :-)

thanks and cheers,

[ ] +1 Accept PicaGalley for incubation
[ ]  0 Don't care
[ ] -1 Reject for the following reason :

(The text below contains minor edits compared to the draft at
I removed the section "Help Wanted", improved formatting for
direct reading, and removed the ! prefix from "!PicaGalley".)

== Abstract ==

PicaGalley will be a photo gallery application with web access.

== Proposal ==

PicaGalley will be a complete open source photo gallery application including 
a content repository for the images, a display piece, an access control layer, 
and upload capabilities. The idea is to have a rigid design for the content 
repository with a very flexible display piece. The images in the content 
repository will be protected with granular access control.

== Background ==

Photo gallery software provides users with the means to store, manage, and 
publish photographies and other digital images. A user creates one or more 
photo albums and puts images into them. Metadata stored with the images allows 
for searching. The primary means to access the photo gallery will be web 
interfaces, for human interaction through a browser as well as for machine 
retrieval. Images are published by granting read access to everybody or to a 
group of invites.

Initially the proposal idea for a photo gallery was brought forth due to a 
project that had been started at Nechtan Design.  While discussing the 
possibility of forming a community around that project (called Caitrin) a 
community started to form.  Others with interest in the subject and problem 
space started putting in their ideas and offered to donate code that could 
help. It was decided that the project should start from scratch with a new 
architecture. This proposal is based on a high level design that evolved from 
the subsequent discussions.

We are aware that we have significant work ahead of us, not only in the code 
to be written but in finding a community to support the project.

== Rationale ==
"A picture tells a thousand words..."

If a picture tells a thousand words then a gallery of pictures tells an 
amazing story.  It could tell this story as part of a larger web site, in a 
blog or on its own.  Unfortunately, there exists no Java open source 
application to assist the community to tell this story.  PicaGalley will 
change that.

There are many photo galleries that are written in PHP.  Each of these 
addresses a particular need and many work well for their intended purpose. 
However, there is not a photo gallery that is written in Java.  As Web 2.0 
continues to grow it only makes sense that the community provide not only PHP 
but also Java applications to allow everyone the ability to publish their own 
content.  Apache started down this road with Roller and can continue with 

== Initial Goals ==

  * Create a prototype by drawing pieces from existing efforts
  * Recruit additional community members

  * Finalize the Content Repository
    * Use cases - capture ideas such as access control that might not make 
first drop
    * Layout
    * Unit tests (simple drivers for loading, accessing, searching, etc.)

  * ReST structure
    * Use cases
    * URI format
    * semantics
    * prototype implementation

  * Web service
    * Use cases - want to capture ideas for process (Ode) integration
    * WSDL Description
    * prototype

== Current Status ==

Responses to the initial proposal uncovered several existing efforts at 
implementing photo gallery software in Java. Instead of picking one codebase 
over the others, we started from scratch with a high-level design. Pieces will 
be taken from the existing efforts as appropriate. These efforts are:

  * Caitrin: Originally developed for a fee at Nechtan Design then voluntarily 
updated. The code is in use on a test site and ready to be moved to 
production. It runs on Tomcat and uses a relational DB for
  storing metadata as well as the filesystem for storing images. This codebase 
was at the core of the initial proposal for this podling.

  * Noel Bergman developed a photo gallery software he is willing to donate. 
The software is in production use, technical details remain to be investigated.

  * Carsten Ziegeler is working on a photo gallery software based on Apache 
Sling (currently incubating), which uses a JCR backend for storage. This 
codebase is destined as a contribution to Apache Sling.

  * Luciano Resende is working on a photo gallery sample for Apache Tuscany 
SCA, using a filesystem storage backend. This codebase is already at Apache, 

== Meritocracy ==

The PicaGalley project will demonstrate the best in meritocracy.  Due to the 
fact that the project is in its infancy and only a small community exists, the 
community that grows to surround it as it grows within the ASF will all adhere 
to the fundamentals of meritocracy.  Every person who is currently part of the 
community has given a significant contribution of either architecture 
expertise and/or code.

== Community ==

After the initial proposal for a Caitrin podling, which came with no community 
at all, a small community has formed within the ASF. Some people are 
interested in the problem domain itself, while others are interested in 
showcasing how particular technologies can be used to solve some aspect of the 

== Core Developers ==

Angela Cymbalak

== Known Risks ==

=== Orphaned Projects ===

We are starting with a very small community. While several people are 
interested, it remains to be seen how much time they can spend here. The risk 
of becoming an orphaned project is high.

In light of this situation, we are putting the initial focus on delivering 
working prototypes based on existing efforts at Apache Tuscany SCA and 
possibly at Apache Sling (currently incubating). Working prototypes will 
enable interested parties to download and play with the code and entice them 
to get involved. Relying on existing efforts means that our work results can 
find a home at Apache even if the podling itself should fail to gain 
sufficient traction.

=== Inexperience with Open Source ===

The initiator of this proposal has limited experience with open source. She is 
committed to learning the Apache Way. The other members of the community we 
currently see forming are Apache PMC members or ASF members.

=== Homogeneous Developers ===

The current community grew out of a desire to see different pieces of 
technology put to use and an interest in the problem space.  There is no 
single entity that is providing all the developers for this project.

=== Reliance on Salaried Developers ===

This project is not in the profit stream for any of the participants.

=== Relationships with Other Apache Products ===

There are several other Apache Products and Apache Incubator projects that are 
being evaluated for use with this project.  Some members of the community are 
involved because of wanting to see a particular technology put to use. Likely 
candidates are:

    * Jackrabbit for the backend
    * Tuscany SCA for the WS interface
    * Sanselan for metadata extraction
    * Sling for the frontend
    * maybe JSecurity for authorization

There were brief discussions with the Apache Roller project about implementing 
the photo gallery as a plugin to the Roller weblog software. The community 
response indicated general interest but limited enthusiasm. The intent of this 
proposal is to develop a standalone photo gallery application, whereas the 
Roller community is likely to consider it an accessory feature. We therefore 
prefer to start an independent effort, which can later be tied to Roller by 
means of a plugin.

=== A Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ===

The Apache community has shown themselves to be invested in the code that they 
are writing because they enjoy the act of developing a quality product that 
can be easily used by others.  They rely on collective knowledge instead of 
the knowledge of the individual and are willing to share that knowledge with 
others.  We feel that this application will continue to grow well under the 
guidance, leadership and structure of the Apache community and the ASF.

== Documentation ==

No documentation currently exists.

== Initial Source ==

No initial source is currently identified.  All the code bases listed above 
will be donated in order to prevent IP pollution.

== Cryptography ==

No cryptography is currently utilized in this project.

== Required Resources ==

=== Mailing lists ===

The minimum mailing lists will be needed:
  * picagalley-private (with moderated subscriptions)
  * picagalley-dev
  * picagalley-commits
  * picagalley-user

=== Subversion Directory ===

=== Issue Tracking ===

JIRA picagalley(picagalley)

=== Other Resources ===


== Initial Committers ==

Angela Cymbalak (a DOT cymbalak AT nechtan DOT org) (cla submitted)

Luciano Resende (lresende AT apache DOT org)

== Affiliations ==


== Sponsors ==

=== Champion ===

Noel Bergman

=== Nominated Mentors ===

Carsten Ziegeler

Martin Cooper

Roland Weber

== Sponsoring Entity ==

We kindly ask the Incubator to sponsor this project.

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