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From "scott comer (sccomer)" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Etch
Date Fri, 01 Aug 2008 18:23:26 GMT
we might have overdone the committer list here a bit so nobody who made 
a significant contribution felt left out. :-)

(in addition to what james dixson has reported about himself) for the 
last two months, the main contributors to the compiler and the java and 
csharp bindings (the core) have been gaurav and me. going forward, 
support and enhancements to the core would fall mainly on gaurav and me. 
manoj ganesan has spent a lot of time working on the core in the past, 
and is currently supporting the xml binding and the cuae use of same. 
for the last 9 months james deCocq has been working on the c binding. 
rene barazza and youngjin park will be contributing to the c binding as 
well. seth call has been working on the javascript binding / json 
transport. generally patches to the core would be vetted by gaurav and 
me, as well as recruiting and mentoring new contributors to the project.


architecture: scott comer
compiler, java and csharp binding: scott comer, gaurav sandhir
build: james dixson
c binding: james deCocq, rene barazza, youngjin park
javascript binding: seth call
python binding: james dixson
documentation: shy pease

of those, only gaurav and i are full time on the etch project, everyone 
else has other duties as well. there is plenty of room for more 
contributors on current and future projects:

ruby binding
python binding
web services gateway
web services transport
maven build
automated interop test framework and suite
better testing framework for the compiler
a host of smaller projects

scott out

James Dixson wrote:
> Well, personally I have been heavily involved in or have written outright
> the build system, compiler interface, and ant plug-in. I am currently
> working on a maven mojo and as well as a python binding that has full parity
> with the Java and C# bindings. I am a Manager at Cisco, but I am Developer
> with Etch.
> When we were discussing amongst ourselves who to include in the proposal, we
> tried to apply the same criteria regarding merit that we would need to apply
> if we were already an apache project.
> All of the folks on the list are folks that have been consistently active in
> Etch development over the last several months, myself included. It does not
> by any means include everyone who has ever touched Etch.
> The only small exception to that is Shawn, who was a contributor up until
> July of this year when he actually left Cisco. He still has merit with the
> team, but has not made any contributions to the codebase since leaving. This
> is not for a lack of interest, as the code base has only just recently been
> released as open source. :-)
> Btw .. I just realized I had shawn's new email in the proposal but not the
> fact he was no longer with Cisco... I corrected the proposal.
> --
> james
> On 8/1/08 9:57 AM, "Yonik Seeley" <> wrote:
>> On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 5:41 AM, Upayavira <> wrote:
>>> 14 people from one organisation on the initial committer list looks to
>>> me like a daunting incubation.
>> Indeed.  Which of those people will actually be working on Etch going forward?
>> A quick perusal shows a Manager and a Director of Engineering on that list.
>> -Yonik
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