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From "Olga Natkovich" <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Release Apache Pig 0.1.0-incubating
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2008 21:15:40 GMT
Does the attached notice file look correct?
Also, does this mean we need to restart the entire process?


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Of ant elder
	Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 11:32 PM
	To: Olga Natkovich
	Subject: Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Pig 0.1.0-incubating
	Replies inline.
	On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 1:43 AM, Olga Natkovich <> wrote:

		Thanks for quick feedback! A couple of follow up
questions inline.

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		> From: ant elder []
		> Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2008 12:07 AM
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		> Subject: Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Pig
		> On Mon, Aug 11, 2008 at 7:26 PM, Olga Natkovich
		> <> wrote:
		> > Hi Everyone,
		> >
		> > Apache Pig dev community voted to release Pig
		> 0.1.0-incubating. We had
		> > 4
		> > +1 votes from committers and mentors and no 0 or -1
		> (Message-ID:
		> >
		> <
		> > >)
		> > .
		> >
		> > The artifacts are available at
		> >
<> <
		> >>
		> >
		> <
<> <
		> >>
		> > >
		> >
		> > Please vote by 6 pm on Thursday, 8/14.
		> >
		> > Olga
		> >
		> >
		> The main issue is the NOTICE file is missing some
		> for the 3rd party products that are included such as
		> jsch, and jetty (jetty is embedded within the
		> pig-0.1.0-incubating-core.jar). I think this should be
		> for this release.
		I put the licenses in separate files in the lib
directory where all the
		3rd party libraries are following Hadoop model. I did
not realize that
		they had to go to the notice file. I can move them if
needed. Also jetty
		is part of Hadoop distribution; is it sufficient just to
have Hadoop
		license present?

	Having the licenses in the separate lib directory is fine but
the top NOTICE file still needs to include any attributions. For
example, pig includes javacc and the javacc license says "Copyright (c)
2003 Sun Microsystems, Inc." and the JavaCC license says "Redistribution
in binary form must reproduce the above copyright notice", so add the
pig NOTICE file something like:
	    This product includes/uses the JavaCC (,
	       Copyright (c) 2003 Sun Microsystems, Inc.
	You need that for javacc, jsch, and jetty.

		> Some other comments:
		> If the pig-0.1.0-incubating-core.jar is to be
		> separately (eg maven repo) then it needs to include
		What is the DISCLAIMER file?

	Its the text at the bottom of the pig README, or that text can
be in a file on its own. The pig distro is fine as-is, i was just
pointing out that _if_ the pig-0.1.0-incubating-core.jar is going to be
distributed seperately then it would also need to include its own legal

		> The signature used to sign the distribution isn't
		> online from a public key server, eg
		Keys are at /www/ on
		Is this not the right location?

	Yes thats the right place, but you can also publish them to a
public key server and then if peoples clients are configured correctly
the keys will be downloaded automatically. See  

		> The release should be built from an svn tag but there
		> seem to be one.
		I created a branch for it. Will add a tag as well.

		> Would be helpful to include a RAT report in the VOTE
		Attached now

		> Other than that it looks good, if the NOTICE file is
		> it would get my
		> +1.
		>    ...ant

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