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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject April 2008 Incubator Board Report
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2008 16:07:01 GMT
As previously noted, CXF is proposing to graduate as a TLP.  The resolution
has been submitted to the Board.  QPid withdrew its proposal, in light of
the fairly strong line that the Incubator PMC is taking on diversity.  There
was some unfortunate public airing of affiliations, but I believe that the
lesson of discussing people on private lists instead of in public has been

The Incubator PMC's experience has been that projects are more often focused
on getting good code done than in preparing to have a diverse PMC, and that
the issue is significant enough to warrant that we emphasize the need to
focus on that diversity.  CXF and Tuscany have both been pushed in that
direction previously, and have reported great satisfaction with the end
result.  Quoting from CXF: "spending additional time in the Incubator to
increase diversity, despite initial resistence, turned out to be very
helpful and the right thing."

Tuscany is discussing graduation again, and although Tuscany is not due to
report this month, they provided an interim report on their own initiative
regarding their status, which I am including in this month's report.  I
won't speak for the Incubator PMC, as we haven't discussed Tuscany's report,
but will indicate my own satisfaction at what I read.

Other than that, pretty much the usual: projects working towards Incubator
releases, such as Abdera, Tuscany, and UIMA; projects clearing IP;
clarification of procedures; etc.

We've reiterate to projects that if Confluence is being used to generate
their web site, the people with edit rights must have a signed CLA on file.

	--- Noel


April 2008 Board reports

=== Buildr ===

Description - Buildr is a build system for Java applications written in
Date of Entry - Nov. 2007


Buildr 1.3 is now in feature freeze and we're working to fix outstanding
bugs, complete the documentation and add more test cases.  As indicated in
the previous report, we worked on multi-language support, adding Scala and
Groovy to the mix, and also using RSpec (Ruby) to test Java code.  JRuby 1.1
is now an official deployment platform for Buildr, alongside MRI 1.8.


Traffic on the mailing list is definitely picking up, as are feature
requests and bug reports.  Victor Hugo Borja joined as committer.

Issues before graduation

Legal has addressed our licensing issues specific to Ruby project, and we're
ready to make a 1.3 release.  From then it's business as usual: continuing
to build a healthy community around Buildr.

=== CouchDB ===

CouchDB is a distributed document-oriented database system written in
Erlang. The project entered incubation on February 12th, 2008.

The infrastructure (SVN, JIRA, mailing lists, and web-site) has been set up,
and the team has moved source, documentation, and bug reports from their
former homes to the ASF.

Work has continued on removing code forked from other projects from the
CouchDB codebase. This includes Mozilla !SpiderMonkey, the code for which
was previously included with CouchDB in slightly modified form. Instead, it
is now treated as an external compile-time dependency via a custom C wrapper
using the !SpiderMonkey API. Also, work is currently in progress on
replacing the dependency on a forked version of `inets`, which is part of
the Erlang standard library (EPL), with the MIT-licensed !MochiWeb library.
For the time being, the !MochiWeb code is included in the CouchDB codebase,
mostly because there has been no official release of that library yet.

=== CXF ===

Project Name - Apache CXF

Description - SOA enabling framework, web services toolkit

Date of Entry - August 2006

Items to resolve before graduation:
  * Nothing - vote to graduate to a TLP has passed in the CXF community and
the Incubator PMC.   Only thing left is the approval of the board.

Community aspects:
  * JBoss has started filing JIRA issues as they work to integrate CXF into
JBoss as a webservice stack.
  * Have worked with ServiceMix folks to provide an OSGi bundle for CXF to
use for ServiceMix 4's webservice stuff.
  * Camel has also done some work to integrate CXF better.
  * Combined the Axis 2 and CXF JAX-WS TCK efforts into a single project
with a single SVN repo and single mailing list to reduce duplicated effort
and to share knowledge.
  * Lots of testing and final bug fixing for 2.1 which should be released
  * Lots of interest in the new JAX-RS stuff in 2.1.

Code aspects:
  * Released 2.0.4-incubator fixing over 50 issues found by users.
  * Released 2.0.5-incubator fixing over 30 issues found by users.
  * Finalizing 2.1

=== Imperius ===

Imperius has been incubating since November 2007.

Imperius is a rule-based infrastructure management tool

The source code has been re-organized into a maven-friendly repository

Code: The following code was checked in:
 1. Eclipse based tooling for Imperius with Java binding.
 2. Client side (non-provider) Imperius with CIM binding.
 3. Imperius with CIM binding running as a CIM provider.
 4. Eclipse based tooling for Imperius with CIM binding.

Web site: Documentation added:
 1. A SPL Language reference has been added to the documentation
 2. A SPL Editor Guide has been added to the documentation


Two of the original committers have had accounts created. We are still
waiting for the arrival of ICLAs for the others before creating accounts for

A new committer, Erik Bengtson, was voted in. Erik was already a committer
on another Apache project.

=== JSPWiki ===

JSPWiki has been incubating since September 2007.

JSPWiki is a JSP-based wiki program.

During the past three months since our last report, the JSPWiki community
has grown nicely.  Currently over 120 people are monitoring the user mailing
list, and over 50 on the dev list.  Apache JIRA has been integrated to our
workflows, and the influx of patches seems to be growing steadily.

The JSPWiki development has been moved to the Apache SVN, and almost all
code has been relicensed under the Apache 2.0 license.  A few files still
remain under LGPL, mostly pending CLAs which have not yet found their way to

During the past three months, the 2.6 LGPL branch has seen two bug fix
releases using our old release mechanism, and the development for the 2.8
release is currently ongoing in the SVN trunk.

=== RCF ===

RCF is a rich component set for JSF which supports AJAX. We are in the
process of analyzing and removing undesired dependencies of our code to be
compliant in the OpenSource world. Incubating since: May 2007.

The project sources have not yet been committed to Apache svn.

Issues before graduation:

 * Bring the sources to Apache
 * build a community around the code

=== JuiCE ===

JuiCE is being voted on for dormant status.

=== Lucene.Net ===

Lucene.Net has been struggling with the absence of the only committer
(George Aroush).  A handful of the top contributors are in the process of
rallying and proposing themselves as future committers and rejuvenating the
project.  There is interest here, but it has been a tough time for this

Perhaps we could liason with Microsoft (Bill Rowe might take point) on
publicizing and promoting ASF .NET/C# projects.

=== PDFBox ===

Apache PDFBox is an open source Java PDF library for working with PDF
documents. PDFBox entered incubation on February 7th, 2008.

The contents of the issue trackers at SourceForge have been migrated to
Jira. We've also created a pdfbox-users mailing list and plan to point
people from the SourceForge support forums to that list. The project sources
have not yet been migrated to Apache svn.

Issues before graduation:

  * Bring the sources to Apache
  * Increase community size and activity
  * Release once all licensing and export issues are resolved

=== Qpid ===

Qpid is an AMQP implementation, providing an interoperable messaging

In incubation since 2006-08-27

 * We attempted a graduation vote. Going into our graduation vote we had
thought that we needed a diverse committer base (which we have), however we
came to learn that the PMC also needs good diversity (yes - thinking about
this it is logical). So we stopped our graduation vote in order to add
representation on our PPMC, even though we do have at least 3 legally
independent members. We will take some time to add committers to our PPMC.
To be specific, we took away to (a.) increase our committer base + (b) have
a more diverse PMC for graduation (The project at graduation vote time
included Red Hat, another employer + Rupert Smith(independent)). So we will
add committers and PPMC members before re-requesting a vote.

 * No other issues (other than diversity) for graduation.

 * M2.1 release in progress
 * Lots of new people doing stuff on project
 * Working through GSoC submission (8)
 * New Camel supports Qpid:

 * Seem to have had our status page revert, must have fat fingered it --
need to recover the correct version and fix

=== Sanselan ===

Sanselan has been in incubation since September 2007.

Sanselan is a pure-java image library for reading and writing a variety of
image formats.

The community hasn't grown in the past three months. There have been commits
from only two people. No patches from contributors, yet.

There was work on EXIF metadata read/write support and some changes were
made to prepare for a first release.

=== Shindig ===

Shindig is a reference implementation of the OpenSocial and gadgets stack.

Incubating since: 2007-12-06

High-level status summary: Shindig making rapid progress since inception in
December 2007.

    * Introduced a new committer, primarily focused on PHP server
    * Participating in Summer of Code to help build the community
    * Giving Fast Feather talk and hosting Shindig BoF at ApacheCon EU
    * Technical progress:
          * Initial infrastructure for OAuth and signing keys, and completed
crpyto compliance
          * Discussions around RESTful implementation design
          * Refactoring to introduce a proper sample container, especially
for OpenSocial data
          * Improved integration and extension support

=== Tika ===

Apache Tika is a toolkit for detecting and extracting metadata and
structured text content from various documents using existing parser
libraries. Tika entered incubation on March 22nd, 2007.


 * Niall Pemberton joined the project as a committer and PPMC member
 * The number of issues reported by external contributors is growing
 * There was a Fast Feather Talk on Tika in ApacheCon EU 2008
 * We have good contacts especially with Apache POI and PDFBox


 * We are working towards Tika 0.2
 * Metadata handling improvements are being discussed

Issues before graduation:

 * Increase the size of the community

=== Tuscany ===

We'd like to take this opportunity to share information about how
Apache Tuscany project has positively moved forward to build a larger
community that is more integrated within the Apache ecosystem.

- We have welcomed 3 new committers, and have a new one being voted.
- And added new PPMC members.
- We have also experienced an increase in the number of user generated
patches, from an average of 4 in the last months of 2007 to  7 in
March, and other 7 only on the first days of current month.
- We have welcomed many new community members who are beginning to
learn Tuscany or are at a point of wanting to contribute
- We also noticed traction from China and would like to thank the
Tuscany contributors who have been instrumental for creating that
awareness. This effort includes  contribution of a Chinese version of
the Tuscany website.
- Actively participated in GSOC and mentored students and
we have 8 good proposals being evaluated at the moment.
- We have enhanced our website and user documentation, and this has
paid off with great feedback from the community [1], here is what J
Aaron Farr posted in his blog :  " ... One interesting observation was
that the Tuscany team got started faster thanks to good project
documentation and fewer software prerequisites...."
- And some of the Tuscany Users have also been providing us with great
feedback of their success using Tuscany in their first try [2].

The Tuscany community also spent great amount of time extending
Tuscany to integrate with other Apache projects:

  - Apache Abdera for our Atom binding support
  - Apache ActiveMQ
  - Apache Axis2 for WebServices biding
  - Apache Derby
  - Apache Felix for OSGI runtime support
  - Apache Geronimo as a first-class integrated hosting platform for Tuscany
  - Apache ODE for BPEL engine integration
  - Apache OpenJPA
  - Apache Tomcat as hosting platform
  - etc

And we have also noticed interest from other open source projects:
  - Eclipse STP for SCA Tooling is available for Tuscany SCA release 1.1 [3]
  - Also the Eclipse ELIF project has been integrating with Tuscany SCA [4]

Tuscany community participated in many conferences and wrote journal
articles to create awareness around Tuscany and help expand the

  - ApacheCon
  - JavaOne 2007 and 2008
  - OASIS Symposium
  - SOA World
  - Asia Open Source Symposium Asia Open Source Symposium Code Fest
  - Presentations at Universities in  (China, US, UK, Brazil)
  - Articles in Brazilian Magazines, Java Developer Journal and Chinese
technical magazine
  - PyCon Italia Due Conference (Italy)

And also, we have continued to deliver various Tuscany releases.

We would like to thank our mentors and the community as a whole for
the tremendous effort that has been put into creating the open and
growing community that we are experiencing today.

Further information is also available in the Tuscany Incubator Status page


=== UIMA ===

UIMA is a component framework for the analysis of unstructured content
such as text, audio and video. UIMA entered incubation on October 3,

Some recent activity:

    * The UIMA Tooling Eclipse Plugins are now available from an Eclipse
update site on our web page.

    * Version 2.2.2, our fourth incubator release, is currently up for vote
on uima-dev.

   * Also up for vote for its first release is the Annotator Package, a
selection of useful plug-ins for UIMA that were developed as part of our
sandbox.  Our hope is that this will help encourage others to participate in
submitting their own components to the sandbox, and ultimately to become
UIMA committers.

    * UIMA-AS (Asynchronous Scaleout), an extension to UIMA that uses JMS
and Apache ActiveMQ is nearing its first release.  There has been a lot of
development work on this recently.  Temis, a commercial company using UIMA,
has expressed interest in joining the development work around this new
capability, and we welcome their participation.

   * The Cas Editor is now ready for its first release inside the UIMA
project, and we expect it to be out shortly after the base UIMA 2.2.2

Items to complete before graduation:

    *  We still need to attract more new committers.


    *  We continue to do outreach to attract new contributors, which may
become committers. We hope that the upcoming release of the Annotator
Package and UIMA-AS will help.

    *  There's a good amount of traffic on both the dev and user list.

    *  There'll be an academic UIMA workshop at LREC 2008 (major
data-oriented computational linguistics conference).

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