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From "Luciano Resende" <>
Subject An update on Apache Tuscany
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2008 22:24:48 GMT
I'd like to take this opportunity to share information about how
Apache Tuscany project has positively moved forward to build a larger
community that is more integrated within the Apache ecosystem.  I
would make the following bullets so they stand out

- We have welcomed 3 new committers, and have a new one being voted.
- And  added new PPMC members.
- We have also experienced an increase in the number of user generated
patches, from an average of 4 in the last months of 2007 to  7 in
March, and other 7 only on the first days of current month.
- We have welcomed many new community members who are beginning to
learn Tuscany or are at a point of wanting to contribute
- We also noticed traction from  China and would like to thank the
Tuscany contributors who have been instrumental for creating that
awareness. This effort includes  contribution of a Chinese version of
the Tuscany website.
- Actively participated in GSOC and mentored students and
we have 8 good proposals being evaluated at the moment.
- We have enhanced our website and user documentation, and this has
paid off with great feedback from the community [1], here is what J
Aaron Farr posted in his blog :  " ... One interesting observation was
that the Tuscany team got started faster thanks to good project
documentation and fewer software prerequisites...."
- And some of the Tuscany Users have also been providing us with great
feedback of their success using Tuscany in their first try [2].

The Tuscany community also spent great amount of time extending
Tuscany to integrate with other Apache projects:

  - Apache Abdera for our Atom binding support
  - Apache ActiveMQ
  - Apache Axis2 for WebServices biding
  - Apache Derby
  - Apache Felix for OSGI runtime support
  - Apache Geronimo as a first-class integrated hosting platform for Tuscany
  - Apache ODE for BPEL engine integration
  - Apache OpenJPA
  - Apache Tomcat as hosting platform
  - etc

And we have also noticed interest from other open source projects:
  - Eclipse STP for SCA Tooling is available for Tuscany SCA release 1.1 [3]
  - Also the Eclipse ELIF project has been integrating with Tuscany SCA [4]

Tuscany community participated in many conferences and wrote journal
articles to create awareness around Tuscany and help expand the

  - ApacheCon
  - JavaOne 2007 and 2008
  - OASIS Symposium
  - SOA World
  - Asia Open Source Symposium Asia Open Source Symposium Code Fest
  - Presentations at Universities in  (China, US, UK, Brazil)
  - Articles in Brazilian Magazines, Java Developer Journal and
Chinese technical magazine
  - PyCon Italia Due Conference (Italy)

And also, we have continued to deliver various Tuscany releases.

We would like to thank our mentors and the community as a whole for
the tremendous effort that has been put into creating the open and
growing community that we are experiencing today.

Further information is also available in the Tuscany Incubator Status page [5]


Luciano Resende
Apache Tuscany Committer

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