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From Marshall Schor <>
Subject Re: Size of websites in
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2008 17:56:39 GMT
Tony Stevenson wrote:
> Good day,
> As part of rolling out the new backup server for the infra team, I 
> have discovered that several podling sites are extremely large.
> Namely:
> ...
> 166M    /x1/www/
I checked into this and discovered that > 85% of the space is due to our 
keeping various kinds of documentation for our releases on our website, 
including ~ 40 MB for the Javadoc API documentation of the "current" 

We keep past release documentation here (but not the API Docs), for 2 
other past releases - these take ~ 40 MB. 

We ended up keeping our documentation in SVN and checking it out onto 
the website, after a long discussion of pros/cons, ending with this in a 
note from Robert Burrell Donkin, concerning where to keep the 
documentation and Javadocs, in which he said:

... <snip>
i talked it over the the infra team and their strong recommendation
was to store in svn and then checkout onto the website
... <snip>

You can see the whole email thread here:

Based on this, I would like to keep things as they are, unless there is 
a new conclusion about where things like documentation should go.

-Marshall Schor

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