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From Thilo Goetz <>
Subject Re: UIMA release - lots of missing SVN eol-style property settings
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2008 14:18:44 GMT
sebb wrote:
> On 11/04/2008, Thilo Goetz <> wrote:
>> sebb wrote:
>>> The SVN tag
>>> has lots of missing SVN eol-style settings. See the file
>>> in
>>> This should probably be applied to trunk as well ...
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>>  Hi Sebb,
>>  thanks for looking over our release.
>>  There are a lot of files in your list where not setting
>>  the eol-style property is intentional: all our test files.
> Which extensions are these?
> I can change my script to treat these differently.

.txt mostly, some .xml.  So I think one needs to handle this
on an individual file level.

>>  Setting eol-style:native would make our tests fail on one
>>  platform or another as they're usually compared to some
>>  expected output, which in turn depends on the exact byte
>>  content of the files.
>>  Unfortunately, there is no (valid) eol-style:none
>>  or such that allows us to make this intention explicit.
> In which case, the tests may fail to work on OSes with a different
> line ending, unless you set the mime-type to binary.

I don't understand that remark.

>>  For the java code we could set it to native.  We just never
>>  felt the need.  Since we need to be careful with our test
>>  files, we don't follow the automatic eol-style client setup
>>  as recommended.  AFAIK, all UIMA developers use Eclipse
>>  for their development, and Eclipse doesn't care about
>>  eol style (or not that I noticed anyway).
> No it doesn't mind. But SVN does.
> If you edit a Java file on Unix and commit to SVN, then someone who
> edits it on Mac or Windows and commits to SVN will generate an SVN
> diff which shows the whole file has been changed. Makes it very
> difficult to see what has actually changed. Likewise for pom.xml etc.

True.  We try to avoid that ;-).  Although most of us work on windows,
we use unix style eol chars for all source code.

>>  I hope you'll agree that it's up to the project to set an
>>  eol-style policy.  Our policy is not to set the property
>>  unless it's required (e.g., for .sh or .bat files).
> Indeed, but see also:
> These conventions are generally used by Java projects, e.g. all of Commons.

Yes, and they don't work for us, as I pointed out earlier.

There are also settings in there that I find rather doubtful.  What
is the point of having eol-style for .bat files set to native?

So how do you create a distribution?  To my mind, it shouldn't matter
if you extracted the code on linux or windows.  The distribution should
come out the same and work on both platforms.


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