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From "Henri Yandell" <>
Subject Re: April 2008 Incubator Board Report
Date Tue, 15 Apr 2008 02:47:05 GMT
Is the first section (included below) intended for the board report,
or board@ commentary?


On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 9:07 AM, Noel J. Bergman <> wrote:
> As previously noted, CXF is proposing to graduate as a TLP.  The resolution
>  has been submitted to the Board.  QPid withdrew its proposal, in light of
>  the fairly strong line that the Incubator PMC is taking on diversity.  There
>  was some unfortunate public airing of affiliations, but I believe that the
>  lesson of discussing people on private lists instead of in public has been
>  learned.
>  The Incubator PMC's experience has been that projects are more often focused
>  on getting good code done than in preparing to have a diverse PMC, and that
>  the issue is significant enough to warrant that we emphasize the need to
>  focus on that diversity.  CXF and Tuscany have both been pushed in that
>  direction previously, and have reported great satisfaction with the end
>  result.  Quoting from CXF: "spending additional time in the Incubator to
>  increase diversity, despite initial resistence, turned out to be very
>  helpful and the right thing."
>  Tuscany is discussing graduation again, and although Tuscany is not due to
>  report this month, they provided an interim report on their own initiative
>  regarding their status, which I am including in this month's report.  I
>  won't speak for the Incubator PMC, as we haven't discussed Tuscany's report,
>  but will indicate my own satisfaction at what I read.
>  Other than that, pretty much the usual: projects working towards Incubator
>  releases, such as Abdera, Tuscany, and UIMA; projects clearing IP;
>  clarification of procedures; etc.
>  We've reiterate to projects that if Confluence is being used to generate
>  their web site, the people with edit rights must have a signed CLA on file.
>         --- Noel

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