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From "Scott Deboy" <>
Subject RE: Statements from Qpid mentors would help me decide... [WAS Re: [VOTE] Apache Qpid Graduation as TLP]
Date Fri, 21 Mar 2008 13:57:35 GMT
I would expect to see proof of qpid's ability to grow their committership and build a user
community before leaving the incubator.  There's no track record of either at the moment.

According to incubator-general mail archives, qpid voted in 4 committers since April of 2007.
 Additionally, those folks don't appear active on the qpid developer list.

The 'diversity' question was partially answered, but it's still a concern for me.  

I imagine it'll be hard to attract new folks to qpid when they're mostly corporate-sponsored,
and some of those sponsorships -can't- be transparent to the ASF.  They'll probably be able
to attract committers, but the new committers will probably come from other corporate sponsors.

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-----Original Message-----
From: on behalf of Yoav Shapira
Sent: Fri 3/21/2008 4:52 AM
Subject: Re: Statements from Qpid mentors would help me decide... [WAS Re: [VOTE] Apache Qpid
Graduation as TLP]
On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 4:19 AM, Robert Burrell Donkin
<> wrote:
> On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 6:55 PM, Carl Trieloff <> wrote:
>  >  At this point the Apache Qpid community with support from its mentors feels that
>  >  it is ready to graduate to an official top level project at Apache
>  but another voice asks: are they really ready today? has the IPMC
>  fully equipped them for the chanlleges ahead? do they really
>  understand how to mentor new independent developers into committers
>  and PMCers? is the diversity sufficient to have learnt how to have
>  disagreements on technical matters whilst retaining community spirit?

It's a hard call for me as well.  The technical bits are all there,
processes followed, paperwork filed, etc.  More importantly, the qpid
community has been open, receptive to feedback from everyone inside
and outside their group, welcoming to new opinions from new people,
and respectful of ASF spirit, not just its letter.  There are
disagreements and debates on various technical matters without hurting
the community.  That's why I support their graduation.

It would have been really nice if one or two more committers from new
organizations had been added during the previous few months, but that
didn't happen.  But I don't think the fact the committers come from a
small set of organizations necessarily means there's no diversity.
And I don't want to introduce artificial requirements.  The "are they
really ready" question is subjective by definition, and it's a good
one, but I still vote +1 ;)


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