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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>
Subject Re: (qpid) Diversity
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2008 07:38:49 GMT

On Mar 5, 2008, at 7:27 PM, Marnie McCormack wrote:

> Several of our project (Qpid) memebers are legally in a difficult  
> position
> disclosing their employer in Apache world. They have signed a legal
> document, in order to be allowed to contribute to Apache, and thus  
> this is
> not a simple preference issue.

Two thoughts:

1.	As to avoid having trust or distrust affecting the community
	(i.e. some rot setting in at a later stage) I would
	completely ignore these people as adding to the 'diversity' and in
	fact advise to assume the 'worst' - and treat them as one block.

	I.e. they are _counter_ to the diversity you want to show.

	That is the most robust approach. As information leaks and attitude
	shift the situation only gets better and more trust is build.

2.	Having the employer invisible either implies one of two:

	a)	The employer totally does not enter into this and
		the committer is acting a 100% as a private, free
		individual; and his work does not pertain or is
		associated in any way with his other endeavors.

	b)	The employer is in fact part of the 'agreement' - and
		hence known to the foundation.

In the last case we, that is the foundation, would need to figure out if
we can act as such a 'clearing house' - and would allow such provided  
CCLA's are visible to the members.

I personally would be very wary of this though. As ultimately the CCLA
and software grants carry a lot of sensitive rights - and part of
standing within our role in the current open source/standards
ecosystem has been gained by allowing full downstream visibility.


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