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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Release Oversight
Date Sun, 30 Dec 2007 10:37:05 GMT
On Dec 29, 2007, at 11:27 PM, Robert Burrell Donkin wrote:
> i'm a little worried about oversight of dist/incubator. incubator is a
> big group and there are lots of podlings.

Yeah, I share the concern. I think we have 25 incubating projects at  
the moment. We *have* to fundamentally change how we do releases at  
some point.

> i've been thinking about using a scanner on minotaur to collect
> information and collate it into a document. i had thought about
> running it monthly and posting it to this list but it might be long so
> this seems a little intrusive.

*shrug*. The upside of dumping stuff to people in e-mail is that it  
is most likely they look at it.

> i now wonder whether it might be better
> to check the document into the incubator site as public documentation.
> each month, i'd generate a new monthly report, add it to the site and
> then post a summary email. (it's not as much work as it sounds since
> it should all be scriptable.) this means that a record of monthly
> distribution reports would be created in subversion and publically
> available from the site.

That sounds good, too. I guess if it were me I'd make the email  
actually contain the full report, too, for maximum social engineering  
benefit. Or otherwise perhaps some facebook-style teaser, like  
"project X has had suspicious-looking artifacts for Y months now,  
perhaps you should read the <full report>?".

> opinions?

Go! :-)

- Leo

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