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From Roland Weber <>
Subject Re: [doc] Guides verses Policy
Date Sat, 29 Dec 2007 16:39:55 GMT
Robert Burrell Donkin wrote:
> recent experience suggests that the incubator documentation does a
> poor job of helping podlings understand the difference between guides
> and policy
> the first section in is
> terse and obtuse. one possibility would be to expand this. it would
> also be possible to create a meta guide (guideance about seeking
> guideance).
> opinions?
> suggestions?

The Incubation Guides linked below are descriptive and at times
discursive documents. They describe current, but not necessarily
best, practices. These guides are informational, to give you
something to start from and improve over.
Unlike the <a href="/incubation/Incubation_Policy.html">Policy</a>,
the guides are <i>not</i> normative. You MAY diverge from a
guide whenever it makes sense for your project. Only the
<a href="/incubation/Incubation_Policy.html">Policy</a>
is normative and MUST be followed by all projects.

(and move the Notes section to the bottom of the page)
(keywords MAY and MUST used as per RFC 2119 [1])



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