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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] BlueSky Proposal
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2007 15:15:36 GMT
Ross Gardler wrote:
> I agree with Bertrand here. This project would, potentially, be 
> interesting to my day job. It is unlikely that I would personally 
> contribute, but it is entirely possible some of the projects here in UK 
> higher education would be interested in the tools in this proposal. Your 
> proposal needs to make it clear that such interested parties can 
> participate as effectively in BlueSky as they can in other similar 
> projects.

I'm confused; folks who don't contribute don't "participate" at least
in the development here at the ASF.  Those contributions may be meta
contributions, e.g. code review and high level design, but those still
represent contributions.

Users (who don't otherwise contribute) are always welcome to submit bugs,
participate in the user forums, etc.  I'm really unsure what you are
asking here, Ross.

> Your proposal does have "Make more documentation available in English" 
> as a initial goal, however I don't feel that is enough to ensure 
> community growth within the ASF. As bertrand says, the primary 
> documentation and communication language would need to be English. It's 
> not an ideal situation, but the reality of worldwide distributed 
> development within the ASF requires us to use a single language.

+1, unfortunate as that is.

> Some mature projects have local language support (as opposed to 
> development) hosted by the ASF. Would the incubator PMC find it 
> acceptable for this project to have a Chinese language support forum for 
> existing users (12 primary/high schools in China).

Absolutely.  There's no reason to wait for the project to be "mature"
before launching user forums in other languages.  We only ask that there
are at least one or two contributors who can read that user forum, which
represents an obstacle for many "new" projects.

There are running jokes of how horrible some of the httpd "It Worked!"
page translations were, so that project adopted a policy of having at
least two (unaffiliated) contributors per translation.  Those did not
have to be committers/project members, but just ensuring every document
had some level of oversight.

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