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From Marshall Schor <>
Subject [GUIDANCE] When should we start to follow new incubator policy on where to post releases?
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2007 13:57:47 GMT
Apache UIMA just passed its release vote; where should we post the release?

A recent change to the incubator policy resulted in the page saying
that  distributions *must* be from www.a.o/dist/incubator/<podling-name>.

The www.a.o/dist site on people.a.o doesn't have an incubator
subdirectory.  So it looks like we might be the first incubator project
since this policy was enacted., unless implementation of this policy is
being delayed.  Can someone on the IPMC let us know if the
implementation is being delayed?

Assuming we should be following this new policy now, should we ask infra
to establish the new dist/incubator directory and also ...
/dist/incubator/uima (or do we have the karma to do this ourselves)?

If we do this, because things posted here are mirrored, as I understand
it, we need to update our download page to properly handle directing
downloaders to the mirrors.  Some of us have read the docs on how to do
this, and we can give it a go - but we would appreciate some oversight
by an experienced person :-).  Any volunteers?

The policy page doesn't say what, if anything, we need to do at this
time for our previous releases - my preference would be to just leave
things as they are, for now, for those.  Is this OK?


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