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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Field of use constraint on OSOA license?
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2007 11:24:58 GMT
On Sep 30, 2007, at 11:30 AM, Niclas Hedhman wrote:

> On Sunday 30 September 2007 01:53, Jeremy Boynes wrote:
>> The recent Tuscany distribution contains XSDs licensed under the OSOA
>> license[1] which contains the following:
>> "Permission to copy, make derivative works of, and distribute the
>> Service Component Architecture
>> JavaDoc, Interface Definition Files and XSD files in any medium
>> without fee or royalty as part
>> of a compliant implementation of the Service Component Architecture
>> Specification is hereby granted."
>> Is the restriction to a "compliant implementation" a field of use
>> constraint that Tuscany project should be concerned about?
> Perhaps it is more of a matter for the legal-discuss@ list than  
> here...

This has come up there before but I have not seen a resolution. I  
cc'ed them on this reply.

> But, I agree with Roland that this is not FoU restrictions. I find the
> formulation a bit odd, but think the intent is to ensure that the spec
> doesn't "evolve" beyond the control of OSOA. Especially since it
> mentions "Permission to ... make derivative works of ... Interface  
> Definition
> Files".

This is the point that concerns me. As I read it, users are only  
permitted to "copy, make derivative works of, and distribute" these  
items "as part of a compliant implementation." FoU may be the wrong  
term, but that clause is imposing restrictions on users that go  
beyond the Apache License as they are constrained to a "compliant  

This seems the same issue we had with libraries from JSRs and which  
led to the creation of our own XSDs and API files in Geronimo so that  
we could provide them under the AL (back in the days before Sun's  
were available under CDDL). Tuscany already has an AL version of the  
APIs so this would only affect the XSDs.


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