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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release ServiceMix 3.1.1 (2nd try)
Date Mon, 28 May 2007 21:41:28 GMT
On 5/28/07, Guillaume Nodet <> wrote:
> Just a friendly reminder.  We're missing anoter IPMC vote ...


i think that apache-servicemix-3.1.1-incubating.tar.gz has some
libraries in lib that are missing their LICENSE/NOTICE entries (eg
howl, jencks) contains a directory that
seems like somethings gone wrong (src/C:tmp)
is licensed under "The OpenSymphony Software License, Version 1.1" - i
can't see this in LICENSE or NOTICE. same goes to

i think that
requires attribution but i can't see anything in NOTICE

i think that
is missing from the LICENSE


(after re-reading the latest version of, i'm not sure how this
applies javascript and other distributed source. i'll follow this up
with legal.)

otherwise generally ok but i have a few questions

source in
 lacks headers. is this going to be released? if so, are these

are the jars under going to
be released?

servicemix-wsn2005-3.1.1-incubating-sources.jar contains lots of java
sources without headers (mostly under
org.apache.servicemix.wsn.jaxws). is this going to be released? if so,
are these generated?

comments and observations (not requirements)

README is good. one issue that you might have with linking to the
website is that the information is likely to apply to the current
release which may not be the release that the user has. there are
various ways around this for example archiving documentation for every
release on the website or linking to a distributed document.

- robert

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