I'd like to see some clarification on the role of the PPMC and the process of managing the PPMC membership. I've looked for guidance in the web pages and it's not clear to me what to do to vote in a new PPMC member, and then what to do.

For example, in Incubation_Policy.html, there is no mention of the role of the PPMC or PPMC members under the section "Roles". There are roles defined for Champion, Sponsor, Mentor, and Committers, but nothing for PPMC or PPMC member.

During incubation, I think that the PPMC members should get practice in calling votes for releases as well as discussing and calling votes for new committers and new PPMC members. These activities might be discussed in the "Incubation Activities" section of the policy.

I'll be happy to synthesize and report my understanding of the roles and processes and propose patches and file JIRA issues if this is considered valuable.


Craig Russell
clr@apache.org http://db.apache.org/jdo