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From Curt Arnold <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] Uniform Project Procedures
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 19:15:05 GMT
The recent discussion on board@apache ("Bylaw paragraph in TLP  
resolution", 2007-02-07), the comments in the "Graduate OFBiz  
Podling" thread ( and "log4net graduation,  
log4php retirement and Logging Services bylaws" thread ( http://  
suggest to me that it may be good for the Incubator project to  
oversee a collaboration to produce a Uniform Project Procedures that  
podlings, newly graduated projects and established projects could  
adopt in whole or in part.

The idea is borrowed from Uniform Acts in the US Federal System, for  
background info see 

I would suggest that the Incubator PMC would host an effort to  
establish a set of common procedure definitions in the Incubator  
subversion repository.  I would suggest that the procedure  
definitions be modular (one procedure per file, procedure can embed  
other processes) and share a common set of actors.  I'd tend to favor  
an XML syntax if it could be kept simple enough for hand editing and  
comprehension, though I would not object to HTML or XHTML.  The  
incubator PMC should provide numbered releases of the UPP so a PMC  
could state that it adopts a specific version of UPP and not the SVN  
HEAD.  A PMC should also be able to accept future releases of UPP by  
default unless explicitly rejected by the PMC.  I would suggest some  
status associated with the processes including Mandatory (an Apache- 
wide process that a PMC can't opt out of), Required (a process that  
the PMC can accept, reject or modify but a PMC member must follow),  
or Advisory (a process that is helpful but can be adapted by a PMC  
member to fit the situation).

I'd be willing to contribute as it would be more productive to work  
on a common UPP and have Logging Services vote to adopt it than to  
try to work out a revision to the Logging Services bylaws and could  
probably come up with an initial set of actors and a few procedures  
in a day or so.

If the UPP was around, the TLP boilerplate could change from:

RESOLVED, that the initial Apache Open For Business Project be
 > and hereby is tasked with the creation of a set of bylaws


RESOLVED, that the initial Apache Open For Business Project be
 > and hereby is tasked with adopting of a set of procedures

where "adopting" would imply that accepting preexisting procedures is  
the norm where "creating" implies that it is not the norm.

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