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From Curt Arnold <>
Subject [VOTE] Terminate log4php
Date Wed, 14 Feb 2007 16:42:22 GMT
There is no reasonable expectation of log4php satisfying the exit  
criteria.  log4php has had no code modification in over a year and  
minimal activity on the log4php-dev and log4php-user mailing lists.   
Repeated attempts have been made to communicate with the sole  
committer without success.  log4php was previously discussed on  
general@incubator on 2006-12-21 (

A recent vote to request termination of log4php on general@logging  
( concluded  
after almost 5 days with 2 +1 votes from PMC members and one +1 from  
a log4net committer with no other votes or comments.  Announcement of  
the vote was posted to log4php-dev and log4php-user and prompted no  
comments.  Since the vote was concurrent with the log4net acceptance  
vote, it is reasonable to assume that other PMC members intentionally  
abstained from voting on the issue.  As such, the Logging Services  
PMC has no position regarding termination of log4php.

Acting only as mentor and Incubator PMC member and not on behalf of  
the Logging Services PMC, I request that the Incubator PMC terminate  
the log4php incubation.  The source code should continue to be  
available from the Subversion, though possibly in a different  
location to reflect its terminated status.  The STATUS file should be  
updated to reflect its terminated status and provide instruction on  
how to revive the project if circumstances change.  The Incubator PMC  
should make a decision to whether the log4php mailing lists should be  

Here is my +1

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