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From Curt Arnold <>
Subject [VOTE] log4net graduation
Date Tue, 13 Feb 2007 23:15:28 GMT
Votes have recently concluded on log4net-dev@logging favoring  
graduation ( 
3e) and on general@logging favoring accepting log4net (http://mail-  Vote  
summaries are not in the archives yet, but the acceptance vote  
carried with 5 +1 from PMC members, 1 other +1 and the log4net-dev  
vote carried with 2 +1 PMC votes, 2 +1 committer votes with no other  
votes on either.

There was a discussion on the incubator exit criteria (http://mail- at the same  
time as the graduation vote on log4net-dev.  The most significant  
concern was of the 7 nominal committers only 4 have been committed in  
the last year, two of them are founders of the same firm (nicko and  
niall) and one of them (me, carnold) has only made trivial changes.   
There had been several individuals who had submitted patches that had  
been incorporated, however no individual had established a pattern of  
submissions which would suggest them as a potential additional  

The log4net-dev community appears healthy and I believes warrants  
graduation from the incubator and has my +1 as mentor and incubator  
PMC member.

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