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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [Result] was: [Vote] Graduate mod_ftp (to an httpd subproject)
Date Fri, 16 Feb 2007 05:01:01 GMT
Houston - I believe we have liftoff!

mod_ftp@i.a.o podling Vote Thread
Message-ID: <>

mod_ftp-dev@i.a.o podling Vote Summary
Message-Id: <>

> 4 binding +1 votes (and 1 nonbinding +1) by mod_ftp to exit the
> incubator as an httpd sub-project.

dev@HTTPD.a.o Vote Thread
Message-Id: <>

dev@HTTPD.a.o Vote Summary
Message-Id: <>

> +1  Justin Erenkrantz
>     Jim Jagielski
>     Ruediger Pluem
>     Will Rowe
>     Sander Temme
>     Nick Kew (recorded late)
> -1  None
> The consensus is that:
>   1. mod_ftp be a httpd sub-project (ala mod_box)
>   2. mod_ftp will use the httpd lists (dev, user, etc...)
>      and not have separate lists

Incubator (general@i.a.o) Vote Thread
Message-ID: <>

Incubator (general@i.a.o) Vote Summary
[this post]

Final tally;

+1; wrowe, yoavs, rdonkin, jerenkrantz, bdelacretaz, jim, leosimons
-1; none

In light of this; I declare the vote passed by all three committees,
and will begin the transfer of mod_ftp assets into the httpd project
per their consensus and further discussion to come, and will submit
this as the final mod_ftp subproject report under the incubator's

Incubator, thanks for having us, it's been grand :)


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