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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [discussion] Graduating a subproject
Date Mon, 12 Feb 2007 00:12:37 GMT
Craig L Russell wrote:
> Well, I think we need to be sure we don't create a catch 22 here. The
> incubator depends on the project's future PMC accepting it, and the
> future PMC depends on the incubator graduating it.

Yes.  I think the vote by the project says 'yes, what you incubated will
fit right in', or 'whoops - that really isn't a good fit after all'.  And
then the project gets to set it's next destination.

> It makes sense to me that the incubator has the final sign-off, as
> written above. The future PMC votes to accept the podling *once the
> incubator graduates it*, and this agreement to accept gates the
> incubator vote.

Well, I think it's a tradeoff.  My expectations for a project community
that will be folded into another project are actually lower than for a
brand new TLP, which has to fly on it's own with relatively less direction.

Even if the project doesn't accept, there may be another TLP home here that
would require the project to change it's focus before it becomes ready to
graduate to -that- specific community.

But I agree this can be reordered as appropriate for a project.  mod_ftp
simply followed it's punch-list in the order long ago dictated by the

Speaking with an iPMC-hat, I personally would not be comfortable graduating
a project into a TLP that hasn't decided it's ready to be accepted.  That
seems like the larger catch-22 to me.

> It seems it's the other way around for a TLP. I've never see the board
> vote to create a new TLP without the incubator signing off.

Ack - I don't think you will.  The board relies on the Incubator PMC to
determine that a project is ready to be a TLP.

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