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From "robert burrell donkin" <>
Subject Re: Licence headers in test files
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2006 12:04:02 GMT
On 10/16/06, Pete Robbins <> wrote:
> We are preparing for a release of Tuscany C++ and have run the aRat tool.
> This has thrown up some files that are part of our tests that do not include
> ASL headers. These files are expected output of tests, for example, we
> serialize a SDO to an xml file and compare the output file with the
> "expected result" file to verify the test passed. So... adding licence
> headers to these files is a bit of a pain as the code would never generate
> the header as part of it's serialization!

yeh - aRat does raise false positives and the results need interpretation

> So my questions:
> 1. Do these files require headers?

i regard files containing expected results such as these as binary.

> 2. As an alternative, is it ok to add a NOTICE file to the directory
> containing these files listing them as licenced?

a README or a NOTICE in the directory is not necessary but would be a
good idea. documentation is good and saves having to answer questions
about why they don't have a header.

if this file is in some reasonable format which RAT could read then
they could be automatically marked as binaries and ignored by RAT for
the future.

- robert

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