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From "Eelco Hillenius" <>
Subject Re: Release Requirements
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 20:46:52 GMT
> > Imo ASF has enough written and unwritten rules. Following discussions
> > on this forum since a few weeks feels like making the transition from
> > a small young company to a large old one, where procedures and
> > politics are more prevalent than a more practical 'can do' spirit.
> It's also often the difference between an dotcom upstart company that
> probably won't make it, and a tried and tested, experienced company that
> generates cash. Or whatever.

Yeah, we probably have a different view of the world. In my personal
experience, large companies typically perform really poor on IT
projects. They survived the .COM companies because IT wasn't their
core business, or they had enough of a buffer. But hey, that's just my
limited view of the world :)

> > Sorry, no offense intended. I just think that 'enforcing' anything
> > other than the bare necessities is a bad idea. Whether it is the
> > binary packaging, whether to have discussions on IRC or distributing
> > incubator releases via a maven repo.
> (This is beside the point, but what's the point in coming to Apache in
> the first place?)

Having a consistent packaging wouldn't be my number one reason. There
are many reasons why Apache is interesting to join, like being part of
a community where people care about building great software and
believe in open source software.

> Automating is just the thing I want, e.g. when downloading a bunch of
> stupid dependencies that I don't care for at all, it's just that the
> damn thing doesn't work without them. But automation requires a little
> work upfront - that's the whole point. And the work here, is actually to
> put them deliverances in those right holes, so that an automatic
> process, or my idling brain, can do the thing without any further thoughts.

Cool with me :) I was just triggered by the 'enforcing' bit, which I
believe should only be used in the context of legal issues and things
of which you can objectively state that if rules are not followed,
it'll be bad for ASF.



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