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From "Eelco Hillenius" <>
Subject Re: Release Requirements
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2006 17:30:45 GMT
On 10/12/06, Endre Stølsvik <> wrote:
> Noel J. Bergman wrote:
> > Endre Stølsvik wrote:
> >
> >> My two (probably rather worthless) cents:
> >
> > Not at all worthless.  What you posted is perfectly valid feedback, and
> > should be considered by projects.  But does it rise to the standard of
> > needing to be enforced?
> In my opinion, yes.
> This is because if not, every project might insist that "their packaging
> is better", or just not think about it, and thus not follow the defacto
> standard, if there is such a thing.
> Why are there such differences now, then?
> This is, if one would go for such an approach, a top-level decision that
> shouldn't be up to the projects to decide - you're "apache compliant"
> only if you follow this packaging. And it really isn't a big enforcement
> either, it's just that it should be crammed in from the get-go, so that
> the projects do think about it, and started out in line with the rest.
> Note that I do not in any way suggest that the entire layout of the
> system, nor the build system (!!) or similar should be enforced, just
> the end-packaging for the "bins" (which really is what (most) people
> download - they want "the working stuff", the open source aspect is in
> this regard just a potential tailorability and important safety (and
> hopefully quality) sign).

Imo ASF has enough written and unwritten rules. Following discussions
on this forum since a few weeks feels like making the transition from
a small young company to a large old one, where procedures and
politics are more prevalent than a more practical 'can do' spirit.
Sorry, no offense intended. I just think that 'enforcing' anything
other than the bare necessities is a bad idea. Whether it is the
binary packaging, whether to have discussions on IRC or distributing
incubator releases via a maven repo. Forcing rules rather then
encouraging best practices is counter is hard to achieve and only
irritating for those who still don't agree even if they gave it a
serious thought. A more positive approach - documenting, discussing
and automated support like maven does provide with it's standard
layout and distros - works much better imho.

My lousy 2c :)


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