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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: Policy on Initial Committership
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 18:46:55 GMT
Mark Little wrote:

> Sure, but isn't that the process for if you join AFTER the project
> has started? If you're on the list of initial supporters/committers
> then it's a different policy I believe. It's certainly not the
> approach we were lead to believe when we were approach by IONA to
> support the formation of the group.

Policy != Process.  When IONA asked me about your participation, my response
was that if the project felt that you'd be an asset, then fine.  I've really
no idea what happened after that, and this discussion is only peripherally
about CeltiXFire, which is why I renamed the threads.

> As I've said before, there are two aspects to this: the change of
> policy with regards to initial committers, and then defining who gets
> committer rights.

Actually, from my perspective, there is no change in policy.  I'm trying to
define a simple mechanic/process.  Policy is separate.  Like my car.  It
drives, but where it goes and when isn't part of manufacture of the car.  It
is determined by the driver.  Drivers are people.  I'm all for leaving
decisions to people, which is precisely what the bootstrap PROCESS outlined
is about.

OK, so I see that the word Policy is in the thread.  Mea culpa.  I'm focused
on process.  I don't actually believe that there is much debate on policy.
Every agrees that those who are part of an external project should continue
with it in the Incubator, and that the community should grow and diversify.

> The list of initial submitters/committers, who were consulted at the
> formation of the project, were not consulted subsequently and were
> presented with the results (no commit access) as a done deal. That
> is bad management in my opinion and irrespective of the fact that
> this is an open source project. It does not help build a community
> spirit.

I agree.  Expectations communicated and not met are bad things.  The
perception of lost faith (or bad faith) is not good.  Closed door
discussions are generally a mistake.  I see people owning up to that.

	--- Noel

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