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From "Noel J. Bergman" <>
Subject RE: PPMCs [was Re: what are required for contributing to release management]
Date Sun, 01 Oct 2006 17:44:55 GMT
Dan Diephouse wrote:

> I assume you're referring to this sentence:
> "Initially, it is composed of the Podling's mentors and initial

> I have also found some threads which indicate that all committers should
> be added [1][2]. I want to know here - who is wrong? The documentation?

Neither.  Both.  I'm probably the one who is quoted in that documentation.
And the idea of the PPMC and Incubator oversight has evolved.  Taken at face
value, the sentence says that the PPMC is bootstrapped from the PMC members
acting as Mentors and the initial people involved in the project.  At the
time, it probably made sense, since we had few problems with the initial
commit lists.  Then things started to change, with accusations both of
piling on and exclusionary behavior.

At the moment, there is a proposal being mooted to remove the list of
initial committers from the proposal (there would be a list of interested
participants), and have the whole thing bootstrapped by the Mentors after
the PMC has voted to accept.

> "The PPMC is directly responsible for the oversight of the podling and
> it also decides who to add as a PPMC member."

That is correct.

> I am pretty philosophically against making every committer PPMC members.

Personally, I agree, but there are benefits to biasing the process towards
making people PPMC members in short course.  I'd have a lower bar on that
than on a PMC member, since only PMC members have binding votes, anyway.

	--- Noel

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