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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Problem with commit rights on Celtixfire
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2006 17:10:06 GMT
On Oct 5, 2006, at 4:19 PM, Mark Little wrote:
> On 5 Oct 2006, at 14:54, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
>> Mark Little wrote:
>>> On 4 Oct 2006, at 23:20, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
>>>> You will, of course, infer and interpret events as you choose.
>>>> It's pretty obvious to me, a complete outsider, that there was
>>>> nothing 'random' about this at all.
>>> "obvious" has nothing to do with it. Check your facts in future
>>> please.
>> Lighten up, Mark.
>> I'm describing things from *my* perspective.  Don't tell
>> me what my perspective is.  I'm also responding to the
>> question you posed in the very first message in this
>> thread, before additional information was revealed, in
>> light of that information.
> OK, fair enough ;-)
>> And yes, it's 'obvious' to me, in the same way that if
>> someone said Gandhi created al-Qaeda it would be 'obviously'
>> incorrect.  When I referred to myself as a 'complete outsider,'
>> I meant with regard to this specific issue, not wrt the
>> ASF or incubator.  I *do* have a little experience with
>> those.
>> If anyone considered altering the committer list, and it got
>> altered, there's nothing random about that.  And that appears
>> - -- to me -- to be what happened.
> We'll have to agree to disagree then.


1) ASF is a meritocracy.
2) The mentors for CXF (well, until recently) have accumulated loads  
of merit. Enough to be allowed to be mentors, and then some. The guy  
you're disagreeing with has accumulated so much merit he has  
difficulty passing through airport security (*).

(1)+(2) make it rather likely that, in this instance, those other  
people might just know exactly what they're talking about. They won't  
pull rank on you because that's never any fun and hardly useful, but  
it serves you well to not simply cast their opinion aside.

On the contrary, since you're apparently trying to become a committer  
on an apache project, what you need to do is change your mindset into  
one where their (and pretty much anyone else's until proven  
otherwise) opinion holds, well, merit. That mindset somehow tends to  
start with "the people around me are trying to do the Right Thing",  
if you can't bring yourself around to that world view, you might as  
well look for a more productive environment right now.

Secondly, I suggest you learn, and learn right now, to stop writing  
things along the lines of ``is random denial of initial committers  
typical?'' or ``I've used the Redhat/JBoss example already, but there  
are others where the communities thrive and grow because of a more  
"enlightened" approach!'' or any number of statements I've seen as  
part of this thread which we tend to label as ``flamebait'' around here.




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