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From Jason van Zyl <>
Subject Re: Policy on Initial Committership
Date Sun, 08 Oct 2006 14:32:56 GMT

On 8 Oct 06, at 8:55 AM 8 Oct 06, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:

> On 10/8/06, Jim Jagielski <> wrote:
>> However, in that case I would really like to see it that
>> if committers from other ASF projects read the proposal
>> and have a sincere interest in helping, that they be
>> included in the initial list, since I think it helps
>> bootstrap the community process right off the bat.
> Noel and I were chatting about this last night, and my position is  
> that I'm
> okay with 'piling on' by ASF folks *if* the podling community is  
> happy with
> that.  If the podling folks do not want them on the initial list  
> and desire
> that they earn their commit bits through actual participation, I'm  
> okay with
> that too.
> Noel's said that being the arbitrator of who is on the list should  
> be the
> role of the Champion and I think that's probably as good as we're  
> going to
> get.  But, by the time the Incubator PMC votes on a proposal, that  
> list must
> be set (i.e. no deletions after the vote concludes).  -- justin


In addition I would like to add the process used for OpenEJB as the  
gold standard for creating this initial list:

As far as how we came up with the commit list, it's actually pretty  
neat.  For the proposal, I added everyone who had commit.  For the  
actual giving commit, I was much more cautious.  I created a status  
file and gave people basically two months to add their name.  I did  
this for two reasons

1.  filters the completely inactive and proves at least some level of  
activity (you have to at least read the list and update svn)
2.  a formal acknowledgment that you understand and agree with our  
moving to apache and want to participate

We ended up with a smaller list of committers, but actually got some  
old committers active again, so that was a big plus.


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