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From Mark Little <>
Subject Re: Problem with commit rights on Celtixfire
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 09:22:20 GMT

On 4 Oct 2006, at 23:20, Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

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> Mark Little wrote:
>>>> Is random denial of initial commiters typical?
>>> Not at all, in fact I'm confident that's never ever happened. The
>>> assertion that this decision is "random" is a little offensive.
>> No offense meant, but given the blackbox approach, what else could
>> one infer from this?!
> You will, of course, infer and interpret events as you
> choose.  It's pretty obvious to me, a complete outsider,
> that there was nothing 'random' about this at all.

"obvious" has nothing to do with it. Check your facts in future please.

>> Sorry, but being strung along for the past 2 months on one set of
>> assumptions only to be presented with a fait accomplit, I'm not in
>> the mood to give the benefit of the doubt. A "careful decision" would
>> be one based on all of the facts and arrived at by consultation with
>> all of the parties involved.
> Again, you will draw your own conclusions.  Of course,
> your remark assumes that 'all the facts' are generally
> and publicly available, and 'all the parties involved'
> are equally well-advertised.

In an open process I'd assume that was certainly the case.

> *My* inference and interpretation is that there is
> absolutely no/zero/nada institutional malice involved.

And has anyone implied any different? I certainly haven't.


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