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From Jim Hurley <Jim.Hur...@Sun.COM>
Subject [JiniProposal at Apache] Name options
Date Tue, 03 Oct 2006 19:51:16 GMT
First off... a *huge* thanks to all the creative minds in the Jini  
and Apache incubator for coming up with over 100 proposed names.
I'm sorry if your name doesn't appear on the final list, we had to  
it  (through TM vetting, etc.).

We have settled on a final list of 12 options:

     *  aladin
     *  biere
     *  bodega
     *  braintree
     *  codeinmotion
     *  djinn
     *  freejack
     *  jackalope
     *  kuiper
     *  peace
     *  red99
     *  river

What do you think is the best name for our Apache project
proposal?  Help us choose:

Feel free to go in multiple times to vote for different names (if
you like more than one name), but please only vote once for
each name.

Some of the names were submitted by more than one person,
but in case you're interested, I've included some of the the
reasoning/meaning behind the proposed names below.

Not much time (we're more than ready to move on...), so the
'voting' will run through Thursday, Oct 5th.

Any questions (on these or other names that were suggested)
- let me know.

thanks -Jim


Proposed name and meaning/rationale:

*  aladin -- (intentionally misspelled) "Jini in the lamp".
                     Alliterates well with Apache (Apache Aladin)

*  biere -- Just a cool name. The lubricant that binds the Jini
                   Community together (at JCMs). Like the phrase
                   "I couldn't build such a system without biere." ;-)

*  bodega -- store with a variety of service offerings. Codename
                       for one of the early (v1.1) Starter Kit releases.
                       "Renaldo Bodega"... mysterious supporter
                       of Jini  ;-)

*  braintree -- Sun's project code names for their Starter Kit
                         releases were stops on Boston's redline T line.
                         The last stop on the redline is "braintree"  
and it
                         seems appropriate that the Apache project name
                         is that stop (braintree stop and beyond!).

*  codeinmotion -- descriptive of the technology

*  djinn -- see:  <>
                  Also a term used early on in the Jini specs: "Entities
                  that wish to start participating in a distributed  
                  of Jini technology -enabled services and/or devices,
                   known as a djinn, ...". See:

*  freejack --  Based on the cult movie "Freejack", see:
                        Great name.

*  jackalope --  It's sort of mythical and fun and gives us a clear
                            mascot/artwork theme.
                            Perhaps too close to <http://>?

*  kuiper --  As in "Kuiper Belt Objects". A group of remote objects
                     which form a federation of sorts.

*  peace -- What I'd wish for with a Genie's wish. Like the name.
                     Synchronizes well with 'harmony'  ;-)

*  red99 -- The Sun internal project names were named after stops
                    on Boston's Redline metro system. "Jini" was  
first introduced
                    in 1999. Think "red99" captures those two  
historical points
                    into a cool name.

*  river -- name that connotes things flowing, moving, changing,
                  evolving (like what the technology enables).
                  And a river runs through it.


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