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From Michael Baessler <>
Subject Re: New Name for UIMA Podling?
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2006 17:50:41 GMT
robert burrell donkin wrote:
> On 10/27/06, Sami Siren <> wrote:
>> Marshall Schor wrote:
>> > The most popular way to pronounce UIMA is you-eee-muh.
>> >
>> > There is a fairly large user community using pre-Apache UIMA.   The
>> > potential confusion about which UIMA people may be talking about 
>> may be
>> > mitigated somewhat by versioning.  The pre-Apache releases are 
>> numbered
>> > 1.x.x; the Apache ones will be numbered as 2.x.x and higher.  (We are
>> > showing a "beta" level of 2.x in pre-Apache form, but will transition
>> > users as rapidly as possible to the the Apache one, once we get set up
>> > and "going" in Apache).
>> >
>> > If we rename it, this might cause some confusion itself - it would
>> > appear that there were 2 different things, rather than one thing that
>> > was moving from its previous environment to Apache.  I'm not sure what
>> > would be more confusing - having a new name, or having users 
>> understand
>> > that the project has moved to Apache.
>> I don't understand the problem here. Is UIMA going to be something
>> different when it moves to apache?
> who knows?
UIMA is not going to be something different when it moves to Apache, but 
one big change for all pre-Apache UIMA users is the Apache style Java 
package naming that we do for Apache UIMA. So the public interfaces for 
the UIMA solution development changed. This means the the pre-Apache 
UIMA version is not exactly compatible to the Apache UIMA version. So 
solutions around UIMA must be adapted between these two versions. But 
this change should be independent of the new name.
> most projects grow and evolve during incubation. some of this is
> driven by apache, some is driven by the community themselves taking
> the opportunity for reflection.
>> and why should users care where the project is hosted?
> existing users may not but some new users may well do. in particular,
> apache has a reputation for paying attention to legal issues and for
> open development. organisations often approve the use of apache
> products en mass.
>> If you ask me - Just keep the name.
> the name will need to change anyway: it will need to be 'Apache XXX'
> (for trademark reasons). so, the question (for the community) is
> whether to move to Apache UIMA or something else.
> - robert
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Some additional information to my person:
I am a member of the original UIMA development team and will be on the 
initial committer list for UIMA on Apache.



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