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From Upayavira>
Subject Wicket interim release
Date Sun, 29 Oct 2006 13:37:38 GMT
The Wicket community is attempting to steer a difficult course between 
supporting its existing users and also entering Incubation. The 
community is committed to incubation within Apache, but at the same time 
wishes to make the transition for its users as manageable as possible.

It has been decided that incubator releases will start with the 1.3 
branch, as 1.2 is more or less in maintenance mode, but also contains 
some licensing issues that would make it difficult to release as an 
incubator release.

Therefore, this email is to inform the Incubator PMC that the wicket 
community are planning to make a release, independent of Apache and the 
Incubator, for release 1.2.3. The following notice will be included in 
the release.


This release of the Wicket project is not endorsed or approved by
the Apache Software Foundation.

Although Wicket has recently entered the ASF Incubator, this interim
release is provided outside of the ASF, solely as a service to existing
Wicket users to resolve existing bugs in the Wicket product.

The Apache Software Foundation is in no way affiliated with this

We can expect development of the Incubator based 1.3 version to start 
actively once this release is out. Hopefully and if all goes well, 1.2.3 
will be the last release in the 1.2 branch.

Regards, Upayavira

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