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From Marshall Schor <>
Subject Re: New Name for UIMA Podling?
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 21:35:18 GMT
The most popular way to pronounce UIMA is you-eee-muh.

There is a fairly large user community using pre-Apache UIMA.   The 
potential confusion about which UIMA people may be talking about may be 
mitigated somewhat by versioning.  The pre-Apache releases are numbered 
1.x.x; the Apache ones will be numbered as 2.x.x and higher.  (We are 
showing a "beta" level of 2.x in pre-Apache form, but will transition 
users as rapidly as possible to the the Apache one, once we get set up 
and "going" in Apache).

If we rename it, this might cause some confusion itself - it would 
appear that there were 2 different things, rather than one thing that 
was moving from its previous environment to Apache.  I'm not sure what 
would be more confusing - having a new name, or having users understand 
that the project has moved to Apache. 

I agree it's good to avoid creating the impression of having Apache 
becoming a BigCo shill.  But I'm not sure renaming will do very much for 
this point, one way or another.

For what its worth, I'm slightly on the side of thinking it's less 
confusing (especially to the existing users) to keep the name.

-Marshall Schor

Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Mads Toftum wrote:
>> +1 - there seems to have started some sort of fascination with changing
>> names where there is no need. In general I'm not really a fan of naming
>> things so that it is impossible to guess what a project is (that's hard
>> enough as it is already).
> How would UIMA be pronounced in languages other than English?
> Aside from that, I'm wary of tedious and uninspiring names,
> like 'log4j'.  I'm also wary of retaining names for projects
> that have had an existence prior to Apache.  One reason is
> possible IP issues, and another is confusion.  If some commercial
> concern has a product based on UIMA and they say so.. do they
> mean Apache UIMA?  Pre-Apache UIMA?  If they adopt the Apache
> package, do we need to worry about brand issues?  (Answer: yes.)
> This is a new set of IP attributes for this item.  I seriously think
> it needs a new name.. and not least because it's coming from
> the company with probably the greatest investment in software IP
> on the planet.  With all the (baseless) remarks about Apache
> becoming a BigCo shill and clearinghouse, I see contraindications
> for maintaining the BigCo name.
> Just MHO.
> - --
> #ken	P-)}

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