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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <>
Subject [VOTE] Graduate Harmony to TLP status (pending board approval)
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 11:02:51 GMT
The Apache Harmony community has voted to request graduation
from the Incubator as a TLP.


The following votes have been recorded (in order of votes cast) :

    +1  Geir Magnusson Jr     (Incubator PMC/committer/mentor)
    +1  Etienne Gagnon
    +1  Gregory Shimansky     (committer)
    +1  Sam Ruby              (Incubator PMC)
    +1  Rana Dasgupta
    +1  Danese Cooper
    +1  Mark Hindess          (committer)
    +1  Alex Blewitt
    +1  Mikhail Fursov
    +1  Matthias Wessendorf
    +1  Alexei A Fedotov
    +1  Jorden Justen
    +1  Andrew Zhang
    +1  Leo Li
    +1  Nathan Beyer          (committer)
    +1  Naveen Neelakantam
    +1  Mikhail Loenko        (committer)
    +1  Leo Simons            (Incubator PMC/mentor)
    +1  Paulex Yang           (committer)
    +1  Tim Ellison           (committer)
    +1  Salikh Zakirov
    +1  Alex Karasulu         (Incubator PMC)
    +1  Weldon Washburn       (committer)
    +1  Sergey Soldatov
    +1  Nadya Morozova
    +1  Robert Burrell Donkin (Incubator PMC)
    +1  Richard Liang         (committer)
    +1  Vladimir Ivanov
    +1  Dan Lydick            (committer)
    +1  Tony Wu
    +1  Spark Shen
    +1  Rui Hu
    +1  Pavel Rebriy
    +1  Pavel Ozhdikhin
    +1  Jimmy Jing
    +1  Xiao-Feng Li
    +1  Alexey A Ivanov
    +1  Pavel Pervov
    +1  Sian January
    +1  Pavel Afremov
    +1  Alexei Zakharov        (committer)
    +1  Stefano Mazzocchi      (Incubator PMC/mentor)
    +1  Davanum Srinivas       (Incubator PMC/mentor)
    +1  Svetlana Konovalova
    +1  Egor Pasko
    +1  Stepan Mishura         (committer)
    +1  Ilya Okomin

Under the Incubator process, Harmony must have a destination prior
to exiting incubation, which means the ASF Board must decide whether or
not create a TLP for Apache Harmony prior to the Incubator vote being
official.  However, I suspect that the board would want some indication
that we are ready to graduate first.

So, I am asking for a vote of the Incubator on graduation of Harmony
that is conditional on the board's approval of a TLP for that purpose.
This way we don't have to vote again after the board meeting on
Wednesday (or whenever the board considers the proposal).

Please send in your +1/0/-1 to approve/abstain/disapprove.

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