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From Sam Ruby <>
Subject Incubator backlog
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2006 11:20:41 GMT
Just so it is crystal clear: I am neither looking for a quota, nor do I 
have specific pet projects I want to see graduate.  I simply view the 
current backlog as unhealthy.

Just for fun, I wrote a silly little script, attached below.  It 
computes two types of averages for projects currently in incubation. 
The current results are as follows:

mean:   468
median: 323

It is probably fair to assume that most projects currently in 
incubation, on average, are about half way through.  Numbers exceeding a 
year wouldn't surprise me for mega-efforts like Harmony, but 
realistically how many projects are of that size?

- Sam Ruby


import urllib, re, datetime

projects = ''

current=re.compile('<a name="">(.*)' +
     '<a name="Graduated.from.incubation">',re.S).search(index)

now =

waits = [(,int(m),int(d))).days for y,m,d in 


print 'mean:   %d' % (sum(waits)/len(waits))
print 'median: %d' % waits[len(waits)/2]

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