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From "Geir Magnusson Jr." <>
Subject Re: [discussion] Harmony podling to ask for vote for graduation
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2006 01:44:08 GMT

robert burrell donkin wrote:
> On 10/19/06, Geir Magnusson Jr. <> wrote:
> <snip>
>> > the source is the heart of any apache release. most issues with
>> > releases are actually issues with the source. a community that does
>> > not understand how to create source that can be released cannot (in my
>> > opinion) graduate.
>> But then you are aware that we always have been very careful about our
>> source.  We have created oversight processes specifically tailored to
>> special IP issues we face, and consider this on every contribution, and
>> every third- party dependency we use.
> i have no doubts about the process. releases, though, have proved to
> be an educational process here in the incubator.
> i ran RAT against the snapshots. not bad but has a few of the usual
> problems (some missing license headers from property, configuration,
> scripts and css documents). as mentioned, unless harmony's policy is
> to discourage people from posting jars in the repositories they need
> LICENSE and NOTICE files. 

We put that into the build on tues when it was pointed out.  That's done.

Of course, people can do what they want with our artifacts.  However, 
unlike other projects where it makes sense to place dependency jars in 
maven repos for re-use by others, the deliverable from harmony is a full 
JDK - JVM + classlibrary + tools, with jars and the native code required 
by the jars, in dll's and .so's.  So it's not clear why you would be 
posting those jars to a maven repo, as you need  the supporting natives 
+ a JVM that uses our class library interface to use them.  There are 
only two in the world right now, the Harmony DRLVM, and the proprietary 

But whatever - they are there now in META-INF.

> i also think that antlr's license is missing
> from the third party licenses. (RAT doesn't match jars with
> NOTICE/LICENSE yet so there may be more.)

Good catch.

> (i'll run RAT against the source and submit a JIRA or something with
> the issues but may be later on next week. alternatively, checked the
> source out from but it's very user
> unfriendly...)

Why not bring it to incubator?  Maybe someone could help make it 
friendly to use.  Make it easier for podlings to leave.   Heck, make it 
a checkbox requirement.

I'm pretty resigned to the fact that we won't be able to reach a 
conclusion by this board meeting.  Ah well.  It would have been nice.

It's not up to you to do this - even if we're not going to get a 
resolution to the board by this meeting, it's up to us to find and fix, 
and we'll want to do sooner than later to so we can get back to work.  I 
just pray that when it reports clean, you'll be satisfied.

> no serious concerns (problems look like oversights) but there's still
> some work need...

Out of curiosity, have you run this tool on the releases of TLPs? 
What's the error rate?


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