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From Geir Magnusson Jr <>
Subject [discussion] Harmony podling to ask for vote for graduation
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 04:44:22 GMT

The PPMC of the Apache Harmony incubator podling has voted to ask for
graduation from the Apache Incubator.  We have enjoyed our time here
with you, but feel that we don't want to overstay our welcome.  We want
 to do our part to help make sure the ASF has more projects than the
Incubator :)

I believe the active mentors (myself, Stefano, Leo and Dims) will assert
that the community is healthy and very active. While we do have the
required level of legal diversity in our committers (diversity factor =
5), we are very motivated to continue to diversify, a feeling shared by
all on the PPMC, and we see this as a very healthy thing.

We have been very lucky to receive significant donations of code from
several sources to help bootstrap the project, but it's clear that the
community is building on and improving the code very actively, almost

As an example, our dev list - which is only development discussion - had
over 1900 messages in Sept 2006.  Right now, we have 1500 messages for
October, and we are only halfway through the month. Our commit list,
which also adds JIRA traffic, had 2851 messages in Sept 2006.  Clearly
the community is working together and doing development in the project.
 There are many examples of collaboration and "sharing of ownership" - a
mutual feeling of stewardship over the whole project, even though most
contributors tend to be specialized in one area, due to the complexity
of the project.

In terms of technical progress, we have a working, modern virtual
machine with JIT (dynamic compilation of bytecode at runtime), a working
GC and a next-gen GC in progress, and all the other required elements
such as thread manager, execution manager, basic bytecode verifier, etc.
 On the classlibrary side, we have about 94% of the Java SE 5 library
complete, an amazing feat. Together they form a JRE that we have been
providing snapshots of via the website, and this JRE is capable of
running significantly complex software like Tomcat, Ant, Eclipse, etc
(not without bugs, of course...).  We also have the basic JDK tools
underway, such as javac, javah, javap, rmic, keytool, etc.  While still
far from done, we feel that we've come a long way in the 11 months that
we have had actual code in the project.

We won't have a release of this software until we are finished with Java
SE 5.  We may have milestone release late this quarter or in Q1 of next
year, but we wish to avoid hyping the capability of what we have, and
get our software stabilized and useful for general use.  Users are very
important to us, but we realize that there's a minimum amount of
functionality and stability required before it's interesting to the
casual user, and we're just reaching that point.

We'd like to help make this as efficient a process as possible - please
let us know if there are any issues that will prevent a successful vote
by the PMC on our graduation.  If there are no un-addressed issues in
the next 3 days, I'd like to call a vote late on Thursday, October 19th,
so we can possibly be finished in time for the next Board meeting,
October 25th.

Thanks, and we look forward to your comments.  To avoid cross-post
confusion, I will forward this message to the harmony-dev list rather
than CC.

Champion and Mentor, Apache Harmony podling

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