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From Adam Lally <>
Subject New Name for UIMA Podling?
Date Mon, 16 Oct 2006 14:10:59 GMT
Hi everyone,

First a quick introduction:  I am one of the original UIMA developers 
and am listed as an initial committer on our proposal.

We've been trying to think up a more fun, non-acronym name for UIMA that 
fits in better with the spirit of the ASF.  It probably makes sense to 
do this now, rather than after mailing lists, websites, source code 
repositories etc. have been set up under the "uima" name.  I wanted to 
share some of our thoughts with the community.  These ideas are listed 
roughly in order of the amount of support they've gotten among the 
current UIMA developers.

1) Apache Honu
"Honu" is the Hawaiian name for the green sea turtle native to the 
Hawaiian islands.  Here is a picture:  
Possible catchphrases:  
    "Robust yet agile." (Honu are agile swimmers.)
    "Tired of wading in a sea of unstructured information?  Why not 
swim?"  (or "Drowning in a sea of unstructured information? ...")
I think we could make a good logo out of a petroglyph-style Honu image 
like this one:  (There 
are many examples of this style of image so I'm sure we can come up with 
something that's not copyrighted.)

Other reasons the current UIMA community might like this:
    HONU = Honu was Originally Named UIMA.  (I know, it's not supposed 
to be an acronym.  We don't have to publicize this.  :)

2) Apache Maui
"Maui" is an anagram of UIMA, and generates good visual imagery.  I'm 
sure we could come up with a nice tropical-themed logo.  However a 
possible negative for this name is that it might be hard to get a high 
Google ranking.  (Note Honu are found on Maui, which is how we 
originally came up with the "Honu" name.)

3) Apache Semanatee
Semanatee = "Semantics" + "Manatee".  For a logo we could have a cartoon 
manatee posed like Rodin's Thinker statue (with the implication that the 
manatee was pondering the meaning of something).  Since this is a made 
up word achieving a high Google ranking should be easy.

4) Apache Dolphin
A smart, agile, friendly animal.  Also can be found on Maui.

5) Apache Tepee
"Home of the Unstructured Information"

Other names that came up in brainstorming:
    Pineapple, Coconut (again with the Maui theme)
    Socrates, Aristotle (because they contemplate the meaning of stuff, 
and UIMA is about determining meaning from information)
    Sherlock, Poirot (because they uncover facts)

Feel free to state a preference for one of these or suggest something 
completely different.


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